2023 Guide: How to Secure Your Canadian Work Visa from Pakistan for Pakistani Citizens

Pakistanis are increasingly looking to immigrate to Canada on work visas. This is mainly because Pakistani talented workers are drawn to Canada by its strong economy and welcoming lifestyle. Numerous advantages come with working in Canada, such as chances for professional growth, financial stability, and the possibility of obtaining citizenship or permanent residency.
We have gathered important details about Pakistani work visas for Canada in 2023 in this page. Please read on to find out more.

Pakistani work visas for Canada in 2023

An Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) work visa or work permit allows anyone, including Pakistanis and other foreign nationals, to legally work in Canada for a certain amount of time. Please be aware that a work visa is a document that permits you to enter or reenter the nation, whereas a work permit is a document that allows you to work in Canada for a set amount of time.
Open work permits and employer-specific work permits are the two main categories of employment authorization. The holder of an open work permit is allowed to work in Canada for any employer. An employer-specific work permit, on the other hand, limits the holder to employment with that company. Depending on the type of permission and the applicant’s situation, different people have different qualifying requirements and application processes for a Canada work visa.

Qualifying for a work visa in Canada for Pakistanis

There are particular requirements that must be satisfied in order for a Pakistani national to be qualified for a work visa in Canada. Here are some typical prerequisites:

  • indicating that you plan to leave Canada when your work visa expires.
  • demonstrating that you can afford to support yourself and your family while living in Canada and return home.
    obeying the law and keeping a clean criminal record.
  • not endangering Canada’s security.
  • preserving good health and, if necessary, getting checked out by a doctor.
  • not working for a company that is included on the non-compliant employers list as being ineligible.
  • not being employed by a company that provides adult entertainment services.
    supplying the officer with any further documentation they may need to verify your eligibility for entry.

necessary documents for a Pakistani work visa in Canada

By responding to the questions on this web site, you can learn the list of necessary papers. Your own document checklist will be made using the information you provide. However, the following list of documents might be among those needed:

  • a photocopy of your passport’s information page, which includes your name, date of birth, passport number, and expiration and issuance dates.
  • 2 photographs with your name and birthdate on the reverse.
    the evidence of current immigration status.
  • a photocopy of your marriage certificate or licence, if necessary.
    evidence that you are qualified for the position being offered.

How to apply from Pakistan for a work visa to Canada

If you are a citizen of Pakistan and want to apply for a work visa for Canada, you can do so through a reputable visa supplier. Please follow these instructions:

  • determine if a work permit is required.
  • electronically complete the application form, then print it on white bond paper with a laser printer. Make sure you print the 2D barcode legibly and include the consent form.
  • assemble all the paperwork that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) specifies as necessary for your visa category. Fill out the waiver form and submit it with your application if you are unable to offer any supporting documentation.
  • Set up appointments at the visa application facility for each member of the family or group to have their biometric data gathered, and if necessary, pay the relevant visa fees in accordance with the instructions.
  • You must submit your completed visa application to the appropriate visa centre together with all required paperwork, including your passport, pictures, and completed forms.
  • To keep track of your application’s progress at the visa application centre, use the provided tracking number.
  • You can pick up your paperwork from the visa application facility once your visa application has been granted. As an alternative, you can decide to pay extra for courier delivery.

Pakistani visa expense for a work permit in Canada

The following costs are associated with the application for a Canadian work visa for citizens of Pakistan, according to the official website of the Canadian government:

  • Work permit cost per person, including extensions, is CAD 155.
  • 3 or more performing artists per group: CAD 465.
  • A group of three or more performing artists applying at the same time and location will pay the maximum amount.
  • holder of an open work permit: CAD 100
  • Restoring employment status: CAD 355
  • getting a new work permit (CAD 155) and regaining your status (CAD 200).
  • biometrics (photo and fingerprints): CAD 85 per person
  • each household of two or more: CAD 170
  • per ensemble (three or more performers): CAD 255

It’s vital to keep in mind that temporary residence permits must be purchased separately if you need them. It’s crucial to note that only families are eligible for the visiting visa group fee, and that it does not cover additional costs like those associated with medical exams or language competency tests that could be necessary as part of the application process.

Pakistani jobs with work permits in Canada

There are several job prospects for Pakistani employees in Canada, particularly in industries like healthcare, construction, engineering, hospitality, and IT. You need a job offer from a Canadian company in order to apply for a work permit in Canada. Therefore, before beginning the work visa application procedure, it is imperative to look for relevant jobs and acquire an employment offer. You can browse websites that offer a variety of job vacancies and listings that match your qualifications and professional goals.

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