Can I Charge an iPad with an iPhone Charger?

However, you’ve got an amazing new iPad, but you don’t have an iPad charger. What can you do? You can go out and purchase an item.

However, what happens if you don’t have it? Or, what if you’re going away on vacation and you’ve forgotten your charger? You don’t have to worry.

You can charge your iPad with the iPhone charger. All you require is an Apple 30-pin USB cable.

An iPad can be charged using an iPhone charger; however, the iPad will be slower to charge. An iPad charger is classified at 2.1 amps, whereas an iPhone charger is rated at only 1 amp.

Here’s how to charge an iPad using the help of an iPhone charger:

1. Plug the smaller portion of the Apple 30-pin USB cable into the iPad.

2. Plug the other side of the cable into the iPhone charger.

3. Plug the iPhone charger into an outlet for power.

4. The iPad will begin charging.

5. When your iPad is fully charged, disconnect your charger to the outlet. Then you can disconnect the cable from the iPad.

Can you charge an iPad with the help of an iPhone charger?

The answer is yes, but there are some points to keep in mind.

An iPhone charger can supply the power needed to charge your iPad; however, it will not charge your tablet as fast as the original adapter included in your laptop.

If you would like for your tablet to be fully charged starting at zero percent, you’ll need to prepare to connect it for a long time.

There are ways for you to recharge your iPad faster with the iPhone charger.

For instance, you can shut off the screen while charging and utilize an accessory cable from a third party that has been specially designed for speedier charging speeds.

You might also purchase an external battery charger or power station that can charge your iPad fast while on the move.

If you have any additional concerns about charging your iPad using or using an iPhone charger, speak with an expert tech specialist for further information and guidance.

iPhone Charger

What do you do if the iPad won’t charge with an iPhone charger?

If your iPad doesn’t charge using an iPhone charger, there are several ways to get it to start working again.

The first step is to determine if the charger cord is frayed or damaged.

If it is, substitute the charger with a brand new one, and try charging your iPad.

Then, ensure that the outlet is functioning well by plugging in another device to check it. If the outlet appears to be the cause, Try plugging your iPad into another outlet.

If you cannot resolve the issue, or none of these suggestions is successful, then get in touch with Apple Support for further assistance.

Making Updates to Your iPad

Sometimes, you’ll need to upgrade your iPad to charge it properly.

To update your iPad, it must be connected to a computer with iTunes installed.

After your iPad is connected, launch iTunes and click on the “Summary” tab.

Then, under “Version,” you’ll see the latest version of iOS, which is installed on the device.

If a newer version is out there, iTunes will prompt you to download the update and then install it.

Once the update has been installed, you can try charging your iPad once more to check if the issue is fixed.

If you’re having issues charging your iPad using the iPhone charger, you can contact Apple Support for further assistance.

FAQs about charging your iPad using an iPhone charger

  • Can I use my iPhone charger to charge my iPad?

Yes, you can utilize your iPhone charger to power your iPad. The iPad comes with an industry-standard Lightning connector, and you can plug it into the same charger you have to charge your iPhone.

  • Can the iPad charge quicker if I plug it into the higher watt iPhone charger?

The iPad can charge at the same speed, regardless of the wattage of your iPhone charger. There is only one exception when using a more powerful charger an older iPad model supports fast charging.

  • What happens when I plug in an iPhone charger that isn’t incompatible with my iPad?

If you try using an incompatible iPhone charger for an iPad charger, the device could not be able to charge or may cause damage to the iPad. It’s recommended to choose a charger specifically for your iPad.

  • Is it a risk to use the iPhone charging device to recharge my iPad?

There’s no danger in using the iPhone charger to recharge your iPad. But, using an incompatible or inferior quality charger can cause damage to your iPad or decrease its lifespan. Therefore, it’s best to choose an iPad charger designed specifically for your iPad.

  • What’s the best method for me to recharge my iPhone?

The most effective method of charging your iPad is to connect it to the supplied Lightning cable and connect it to an outlet on the wall.

If you’re using the iPhone charger, make sure that you are compatible with the iPad model.

You should also make sure to avoid using low-quality or incompatible chargers. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to secure and efficient charging of your iPad.


Charging your iPad using an iPhone charger isn’t the best idea because the iPad needs much more energy than an iPhone. It takes more time to recharge your tablet with the iPhone charger. But, if you’re stuck in a bit and require the iPad to be charged, it will work as well.

If you’re at home or in the city, making sure your iPad runs on the battery is essential to get the maximum from your tablet.

While the charger included with the iPad can be the ideal method of charging it, there are many times when you do not have access to the adapter.

In such situations, it is possible to use the iPhone charger to supply the power needed to charge your iPad; however, it is crucial to be aware that this charging method will make your iPad slower than normal.

There are several options you can use to make it work once more. Check first if the charger cord is frayed or damaged by any means. If it is, replace the cable with new ones and test charging your iPad again.

Ensure the outlet is functioning well by connecting another device to check it. If it’s the outlet that’s the issue, try plugging the iPad into a different outlet. If no solution works, then get in touch with Apple Support.

By using these guidelines, you will be able to successfully recharge your iPad and return you enjoying the advantages and features it can provide.


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