Can I Use My Samsung Soundbar With a Sony TV?

Samsung Soundbar

Many companies produce a variety of equipment, but Sony has really become one of the best companies for home theater equipment. This can be a problem when they do not support other brands of products within their systems.

You’ve probably noticed that different technology brands sometimes do different things better than the others. Therefore, you don’t always want to be tied to that particular brand.

For example, Sony’s official response to pairing a Sony television with an external speaker is that other brands are not as compatible with their devices as their own products are.

As you mentioned, Sony televisions are compatible with Samsung Soundbars. Several users have reported difficulties connecting the two, though technical compatibility is possible.

Now that you wonder what could go wrong with your Samsung Soundbar when connected to your Sony TV let’s examine what they could be and how you can fix them.

Does it make sense to purchase a Sony Soundbar instead? The following article will answer your questions, as well as examine the pros and cons of having either a Sony or Samsung Soundbar for your Sony TV.

How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to Sony TV?

The first step is to connect the speaker to the TV. If the two are not connected, you won’t hear any sound. If only white and red cables come with your Samsung soundbar, use an audio-video cable with yellow and red connectors.

When it comes to connecting external soundbars to TV, there are many options. Bluetooth, optical cable, HDMI cable, etc., but which connection is right for you? The answer largely depends on what type of TV you have and what soundbar you’re looking to use.

Sony TV

Here are experts’ recommendations for connecting a Samsung Soundbar to your Sony TV if you’re considering purchasing or already own one:

1. Choose the connection method.

  • HDMI (ARC)
  • Analog Cables (White and Red)
  • HDMI & Optical Cable
  • Only Optical Cable

2. Make sure your audio output is set correctly.

  • Start both devices.
  • Select SOUNDBAR from the AUDIO menu on your television.

That’s pretty straightforward. That should be all you need to know, but as the devices are not the same brand, you may encounter issues when pairing them or trying to connect. The troubleshooting instructions below will help if that’s the case.

What is the best soundbar for my Sony TV?

What kind of soundbar should I get? Which brand? What size TV should I hook it up to? I was recently asked these exact questions, and to answer them, we’re going to hit on what exactly a soundbar is, how you can figure out which one you need, and some things to consider before your purchase.

A soundbar is a slim speaker system that can produce quality surround sound. Impressive, right? This device will fill the room with sound in a sleek and stylish package.

But before you add this device to your shopping cart, it’s important to know the different types of soundbars out there.

These amazing devices are taking over the market for at-home entertainment. You no longer need to install a large speaker system placed precariously throughout the room to enjoy surround sound. Just one little bar will do.

Several big-name brands offer these systems, and they all feature similar qualities: cinema-quality audio and a compact design. Indeed, some products have proved to be more user-friendly and of higher quality.

According to users, Samsung makes a better soundbar in practically every way than Sony. A comparison between these two handsets can be found in this detailed article, which explains why Samsung comes out on top.

I connected my Sony TV to my Samsung soundbar, but I couldn’t hear anything

You can also try other ways to fix the problem if you continue to have issues with your Samsung Soundbar after following the steps above.

  • Instead of using the TV remote, use your Soundbar remote. So simple!
  • On your television’s AUDIO menu, you can turn off its internal speakers.
  • Depending on your TV, you might not be receiving the signal correctly, so going with HDMI instead of the other options can solve the problem.
  • There are several HDMI ports on some TVs, and each has a different number, so you need to make sure your output selection matches your input cord.

Sony and Samsung are the two largest companies in the home entertainment industry. These two brands are great for TV purchases.

You may need to take some steps to get sound from your TV if you have a Sony TV and a Samsung Soundbar.

There are quite a few users out there who have had similar struggles to your own, so don’t worry if you don’t see them listed above.

You can read about how other consumers fixed the Sony TV and Samsung soundbar connection in this forum.

Different technology brands do different things better than others, as you may have discovered over time. It is unnecessary to own the entire Sony line just because of your TV.

You should now be able to make an informed decision on whether to purchase a Samsung or Sony soundbar to connect to your Sony TV, even if you haven’t purchased one yet.

Bottom Line

There may be some issues relating to the connection, but a Samsung Soundbar and Sony TV are likely to work.

In the end, a Samsung soundbar is a great choice for someone who has a new and modern Sony TV. It will provide better performance than your built-in TV speakers and is fully compatible with it.

If you have an older Sony TV or would prefer to stick with a single brand product line like Sony, then you might want to consider buying a Sony soundbar instead.

They are not as modern or high-tech as the Samsung ones, but they should still sound better than your standard TV speakers.


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