Is It Possible to Charge Joy-Cons Without a Dock or Switch?

Charge Joy-Cons Without a Dock or Switch

A USB-C charging cable is included with the standard package so that the switch can be charged when it is not in the dock.

If the procedure is in portable mode with both Joy-Con controllers still attached to the screen, this again will provide power to both the console and the controllers.

Nintendo Switch is equipped with the Joy-con controller by default (though not the Lite version). The Joy-con controllers are attached to the sides of the console.

You do not have to worry about batteries when you use them as handheld devices because they get energy from your switch.

This article will explain charging your Joy-Cons without a dock or switch. There are a few simple options you can choose from based on your accessories or if you want to play while they charge.

Let’s Get started.

1. Charge by using the AC adapter

The unit and Joy-Cons can be charged without a dock if you’re using portable mode. Using the USB port on the bottom of the switch, connect the AC adapter to the USB plug. You should now be able to plug in the adapter.

2. Charge with a battery pack

If you want to keep the devices charged, you’ll have to purchase a charging station, charger, or power grip. The Lite models are incompatible with the dock, as they aren’t equipped. Charge your controllers using a charging station that you plug into your computer.

Leaving them connected when you aren’t using them means you will always have a fully charged Joy-con to use whenever you want. Charge stations for Joy-Con are available on Amazon for a reasonable price.

Power up your Joy-Con with a battery pack by using regular AA batteries. Powered by the included USB cable, their battery life extends to an impressive 60 hours whenever they are plugged in. Whenever the batteries run out, you will have to replace them. It’s the main disadvantage of this accessory.

3. Use the Joy-Con Charging Grip

Nintendo’s Switch grip, however, does not come equipped with a charging port. But if you want to, you can purchase a charging grip from Nintendo or amazon.

Just as you would slide the Joy-Cons into the switch itself, slide them into the sides of the grip. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for charging the accessory with the USB or AC adapter.

A charging indicator may light up when you charge or fully power up your Joy-Con, depending on your charging grip. Thanks to the charging grip, playing games is accessible while the Joy-Cons are setting.

4. Charge your Joy-Con with the charging station

A charging station charges your controllers by plugging the device into your computer.

Furthermore, you can always leave your controllers connected to the charger station when you are not using them, which means they will always be fully charged. Using the station is like a charging dock since you only need to attach your controllers and wait.

This accessory has the advantage of allowing you to charge more than one Joy-Con simultaneously. The same one can also power the Pro Controller and Joy-Cons.

Connect your Joy-Cons to the dock using the manufacturer’s instructions or a USB cable. Depending on your purchase, you may see lights when the device is charging and fully charged.

When are Joy-Cons fully charged?

It took about three and a half hours. Afterward, plug the controllers into the console. Charge time for the Joy-Con controllers is about three and a half hours when plugged in and not in use, and this charge is sufficient for about 20 hours of play.

You do not have to charge a battery pack when you use one. You can still use the controller while it charges, even when using a charging grip.

What are the signs that your Joy-Cons are charged?

Verify that the Joy-Con is charging with the Charging Grip connected to the charger. Open the Controllers menu from the HOME screen. A message will appear indicating that the Joy-Con is charging.

How to find the power level of your Joy-Cons?

Your Switch battery level will have to be checked if you don’t have an indicator on your charging method.

Without a dock or charging station, you won’t avoid this, so you will have to guess which controllers to use or deal with losing the controllers in the middle of the game.

Here are the steps you need to follow to check each controller’s battery life. You can check your battery levels on your switch by following:

  1. Choose the Controllers option from the HOME Menu.
  2. You can view your battery life by selecting “Change Grip/Order.” A graph will show the battery level for both Joy-Cons, and the switch itself can be found on the left side of the new menu.
  3. When estimating how long your device will last with a full charge, keep in mind that the battery life is 20 hours.
  4. If you want to exit this menu, tap “Close.”

Is it Safe to Overcharge Joy-Cons?

Charge your controllers whenever they are not in use by leaving them at a charging station, but you might have concerns about overcharging.

The Joy-Cons cannot be overcharged, which is an excellent feature. The charger or dock stops providing power when the battery reaches 100%.


Connecting your Joy-Cons to a Nintendo Switch or a charging dock is the easiest way to charge them. Some scenarios, such as using your Joy-Cons in TV or tabletop mode, or if you need to charge an extra Joy-Con, might require you to charge them without a Switch or Dock.

You can use charging grips in place of a Switch or charging dock to charge your Joy-Cons because they work the same way a dock would and let you continue to play while your controllers are charging. A battery pack for 60 minutes of playtime is also available if a charging station isn’t available.


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