How to Connect PS4 Pro to The Internet and Wi-Fi?

PS4 Pro to The Internet and Wi-Fi

Playing online multiplayer games, streaming video, and installing new games will be impossible if your PS4 pro is not connected to the internet.

Online gaming is in full swing, and the next generation of consoles has arrived. According to analysts, the PlayStation 4 is predicted to be the world’s best-selling console for online gaming.

This guide will know how to connect your PlayStation 4 to the internet if you own one.

Internet browsing and Wi-Fi are built-in to the PS4

Integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and its built-in internet connection are key components of the PS4’s power.

Additionally, the PS4 can stream Netflix and Spotify and can be used to play games online with HD content.

However, users must connect LAN wirelessly or by Ethernet to a local router to benefit from membership perks and take advantage of the fastest and most robust connection.

Wi-Fi is suitable, but physical barriers slow the speed of console connections. The best performance is achieved by plugging the Ethernet cable into the PS4’s rear.

Why is my PS4 Pro not connected to the internet?

There may be an issue with the PlayStation Network if your PS4 is not connecting to the internet.

Additionally, you should ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is working and your modem and router are reset or moved. You can adjust the PS4’s DNS settings as the last resort to fix connection issues.

How to Connect Your PS4 Console to the Network?

Method 1: Pair your PS4 to the Wi-Fi network

Set up your PS4 Wi-Fi connection by turning on the console and following the steps below:

Step 1

Navigate to the toolbox-shaped “Settings” icon in the upper menu (push the left controller plunger forward) and press the X button. Then go to the home page.

Step 2

You will find the network menu in the globe-shaped menu on the Settings screen. Click the X button.

Step 3

Choosing “Use Wi-Fi” or “Use a LAN cable” as the second option in “Set Up Internet Connection.” (If you select a cable connection, the internet connection is more stable and faster.)

Step 4

Check the “Connect to the Internet” box by pressing the Back (O) button. Select the bottom three options to:

  • Check your internet
  • Verify your PlayStation Network status
  • Check out your network connections

Your PS4 console is now available to use as a web browser.

Method 2: Use “WWW” web browser for PS4

Use the Back button to return to the main menu. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1

You can find the Blue “WWW” Internet Browser on the list of games and apps.

Step 2

In the case of not being able to select an Internet Browser, follow these steps:

    • Select the Library menu on the PS4 home screen (near the far right).
    • Press the X button to open the menu.
    • On the left side of the screen, click “Applications.”
    • Click on the “WWW” web browser icon. By selecting the “WWW” square, you will be directed to the home screen.

Having a long list of horizontal games and apps on your home screen can clutter it. Follow these steps to unclutter it:

  • To set up your PS4 console, click the “Settings” link in the top right corner of the home screen (see Step 1 above).
  • From the Settings menu, locate the second-last option, “System.” Click it.
  • Select the 4th option in the System menu and check the box labeled Restrict Amount of Content Items on Home Screen.”)
  • During this process, you will need to go back to the “Library” menu and select “Start” after choosing the game or app that has disappeared from your home screen.

After the “WWW” button on your PS4 is enabled, you can use the button to browse the internet.

How to Use the PS4 Web Browser?

It’s incredible to find out that the PS4 has a functional web browser, despite being designed entirely for gaming.

You can browse the internet just like on a PC or smartphone by typing in the URL or domain you want to check in the address bar.

With the DualShock 4 controller, it is possible to operate the PS4 Web Browser with its analog controls and buttons. Interestingly, the touchpad does not work to control the pointer.

For experienced internet users, here are some quick tips:

  • A directional button on the left joystick controls the cursor.
  • The blue triangle on the top right of the controller will navigate you to the URL and keyword search boxes.
  • The onscreen keyboard allows you to enter a URL manually in the left pane by pressing the X button on your controller. You can backspace over any URL already in the box by using the pink button on the controller. After selecting “Go” (the controller R2 button), you will be redirected to the site.
  • To navigate between active browser screens, press the R2 and L2 buttons on the controller. Your frequently used pages will be displayed in the far right corner of the screen.
  • You can get more web browser features by pressing the controller options button in the top right corner of your controller while the browser is open.

Note 1

Using your PlayStation 5, you can watch live television across 60 broadcast and cable channels? Visit You’ll need to have a VPN connection for some channels, but most don’t. If you are not using a VPN, you will see a large white arrow on your screen.

Start viewing the channel by clicking the arrow. Choose the double arrows on the bottom right of the screen to view in fullscreen when you rest the cursor on the screen.

Note 2

The PS4 console can be connected to a keyboard and mouse. The PS4 does not work with a mouse for all games. However, a keyboard makes entering URL data and navigating websites much more accessible. To see if this works with your controller, try connecting a keyboard.

Bottom Line

We can all agree on one thing: Sony’s beast is damn good-looking, regardless of whether you have the base model slimline edition.

The PS4’s features can only be fully utilized with Wi-Fi and an internet connection. The Wireless and LAN settings on your PS4 can be configured using the Settings/Network menu.

An internet browser is available on the PS4. To access the browser application, you need to select it from the Library menu on your home screen if it isn’t already displayed there.


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