How Can You Connect Sony Headphones to a PS5?

Sony Headphones

The PS5 can be connected to wireless headsets designed specifically for Sony. The PS5 system is compatible with most Sony wired headsets with a wireless connection option.

The PlayStation 5 is not compatible with all Bluetooth headsets due to a decision made by Sony. There are a few things to consider when connecting Sony headphones to the PS5.

We’ll tell you what headphones are compatible with your PS5, how to get around Sony’s restrictions and anything else you need to know about connecting headphones to your PS5.

What Wireless Sony Headphones are Compatible with the PS5?

The PlayStation 5 is compatible with most wireless headsets designed specifically for Sony. PS-compatible wired headsets, including most earbud-style models, are mostly available from Sony.

Wireless headphones are now available for the PS5, four sets in total. Here they are:

  • Pulse 3D Wireless Headset
  • Platinum Wireless Headset
  • Gold Wireless Headset (Old models)
  • Gold Wireless Headset (New models)

PlayStation provides a complete list of wireless headsets that work with the PS5 and connect them.

Connect Wireless Headphones To PS5

You cannot connect wireless headphones to a PS5. Bluetooth adapters and transmitters supported headsets, and a cable are all methods you can use.

The methods of using each tool also differ, depending on how it functions. Below, you’ll find guides that explain.

● PULSE 3D Bluetooth headset

This cordless Sony earpiece provides PS5 functionality and is certified by Sony. Audio quality is very good, and it’s comfortable to wear as well.

You can use your wireless earbuds directly with the PS5 if your Bluetooth device supports this Sony feature. It isn’t a bad idea to test the pairing, even if the manufacturer didn’t offer any information.

Please follow these instructions:

  • You will need to pair your Bluetooth device to set up the hookup.
  • On your PS5, go to the setting menu ->“Devices” -> “Bluetooth Devices.”
  • Select the headphone you would like to sync.
  • Ensure the volume is working correctly.
  • You can verify whether the connection works by playing a game.

What are the advantages of the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset?

Wireless headsets specifically designed for the PS5 can be used with this headset. PS5 is compatible with most wired headsets that Sony offers.

A unique 3D audio feature in PS5 games was designed into the Pulse 3D headset. Among all the official PS5 headsets, it is the most comfortable.

What Are the Advantages of the Gold Wireless Headset?

Among the headsets that are officially compatible with the PS5, the Gold Wireless Headset is the cheapest. The Pulse 3D Headset is more comfortable and has better sound quality than the Platinum Headset.

If the audio isn’t working, what should you do?

The sound may not work after you connect your devices.

Here are two possible scenarios:

1. Headset issue

You are unable to hear anything because your headphones malfunction. One of the earbuds can sometimes isolate the sound.

By connecting other devices to your headphones, you can check if you can hear the sound. To fix or replace the headset, you need to replace or repair it if there is a problem.

2. Volume setting

You can blame the volume setting if your headphones do not work properly on other devices.

Change the settings by selecting “Settings” -> “Sound” -> “Audio Output.”

2. Volume setting

You can blame the volume setting if your headphones do not work properly on other devices.

Change the settings by selecting “Settings” -> “Sound” -> “Audio Output.”

Which Headset Is Better? Old Gold Wireless Headset or the Newer Models?

In comparison with the older Gold Wireless Headsets, the difference is minimal. Newer versions are lighter and more comfortable but don’t have as much battery life and range as earlier models.

What Are the Advantages of the Platinum Wireless Headset?

The official PlayStation headsets with 50mm drivers feature the Platinum Wireless Headset, which offers the best audio quality. As a bonus, this headset can be used for both the PS4 and PS5 because it is the only headset that supports 3D sound.

Which is the best official PlayStation 5 headset?

How much you value depends on what’s most important to you. Choose the Gold Headset if you want the lowest price and the Pulse 3D headset if you want the most comfort. Platinum Headsets are the best choice for combining comfort and sound quality.

Is the PS5 compatible with the Headset Companion App?

With the PS4, you could customize your incoming sound through the headset companion app depending on the kind of game you are playing. There is no such app for the PS5.

Is it Possible to Use My Wireless PlayStation 4 Headsets on My PS 5?

These wireless headsets are also compatible with the PS5 if you purchased them for the PS4.

The PS5 will also work with the third-party headphones with the PS4 via the USB port or audio jack and some wireless headphones. The list of compatible PS4 accessories with the PS5 may be found here.

How will third-party wireless headphones work on the PS5?

Wireless headsets compatible with the PS5 are available from third-party manufacturers who have the necessary licenses. Due to a lack of Bluetooth connectivity on the PS5, these accessories must be compatible with the PS5.

Does My PS5 Support Wired Headphones?

Sony and third-party headphones are both compatible with the PS5. Audio jack and USB headphones are both available. The microphone on your headset will also work.

Are Bluetooth headphones compatible with my PlayStation 5?

The PS5 does not directly support Bluetooth headphones.

Can I Link My Bluetooth Headphones Work With My PS5?

Yes, indeed! The PS5 does not support Bluetooth headphones directly, but it can be worked around.

Bluetooth headphones can be connected to your TV if it supports headphones via Bluetooth or has an audio jack.

What are the steps to connecting Bluetooth headphones to my TV for use with my PS5?

You can simply plug a Bluetooth jack into your TV and pair your headphones if you own a pair of headphones with a Bluetooth jack.

Alternatively, if the headphones don’t come with an audio jack for plugging them into your TV’s headphone jack, you can buy a Bluetooth transmitter.


With the new PS5 console, you can use your Sony headphones. Regardless of the model, do not expect a flawless performance. There are two S/PDIF ports on the PS5 and Bluetooth functionality as well.


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