What Is The Best Way To Control Bluetooth Volume On A Fire stick?

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A few different things can cause the Bluetooth volume to be louder or softer than it should be on your Fire TV Stick.

In most cases, you will want to turn down the volume on your Bluetooth device and then turn it up again. But if you’re still having trouble with Bluetooth volume after following those steps, there are a few more things you can try.

If we do not want to disturb anyone or if we want to watch a movie in total privacy, Bluetooth headphones are very useful when listening to music or watching videos from our Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Amazon Fire Stick Remote

We live in an era when more and more things are becoming digital and automated as time goes by.

Some things still don’t quite sync as they should, despite all the advancements in wireless technology. When there should be seamless interconnection, there is a lack of rhythm.

The volume control on the Amazon Fire Stick remote cannot be used to control Bluetooth headphones or speakers directly.

Using your Firestick remote to control Bluetooth volume will require a third-party app, but Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth speakers can be paired without a problem.

You may already have a volume control on your remote, depending on the model of your Fire Stick.

It’s okay if you don’t. You’ll learn all about the ways you can change the volume on your Fire Stick in this guide.

Now let’s start!

How to Connect Bluetooth headphones to your Fire Stick?

Connecting your Bluetooth headphones to the Fire Stick is a very simple process. It only involves connecting the Fire Stick to your TV and pairing the devices. To connect your audio devices with the Fire Stick, follow these simple steps:

  1. Activate the pairing mode on your headphones. Your device will give you instructions on how to do this. You can hold down the single AirPods button if you have them.
  2. Go to the Fire Stick Settings.
  3. Remotes and Bluetooth Devices are accessible via this option.
  4. In the Bluetooth Devices list, choose Other Bluetooth Devices.
  5. Add Bluetooth devices to your Fire Stick by choosing the Add Bluetooth Devices option.
  6. Select the headphones on your Fire Stick remote by highlighting them and pressing the Select button.

Pairing should now be completed for your Bluetooth headphones.

You can select your Bluetooth headphones to begin pairing automatically once they are selected. Your headphones will now receive all the audio once it’s finished. You can usually control the volume on Bluetooth headphones with buttons or a touchpad.

You will need to sideload the app that will allow you to use the Fire Stick remote for volume control if you don’t want to use the controls on your headphones.

A Step-by-Step Guide For Sideloading Apps On Your Fire Stick

You usually get PreciseVolume from the Google Play Store, an Android app. To sideload apps, you should first change the Fire Stick settings.

  • Return to the Settings page.
  • Choose My Fire TV.
  • Click on Developer Options.
  • Two options will appear ADB Debugging and Unknown Sources Apps.
  • Enable both options.

The next step is to retrieve your Fire Stick’s IP address. This IP address should be written down or photographed for later use.

  • Choose the device.
  • Select About from the menu.
  • Choose your network.

Your IP address will appear on the screen. You can write it down in whatever manner you prefer.

Download Apps2Fire for Android devices. To sideload anything to the Fire Stick, you need this app.

  • Install and open Apps2Fire.
  • Navigate to the Setup page.
  • Provide the IP address you noted earlier.
  • Now your Fire Stick will be connected to the Apps2Fire app.
  • After selecting OK, the process will be completed.

If you downloaded PreciseVolume on your Android phone, it would appear in your list of apps that you can sideload. Tap Install to proceed.

Do you have a problem controlling the buttons?

The Bluetooth volume is controlled by PreciseVolume quite effectively. But there is a problem with how the slider works. You can fix this by installing the following cursor apps on your Fire Stick:

  • Your Fire Stick should already have Mouse Toggle installed.
  • Once the application has been installed, launch it.
  • Enable the mouse service and automate the starting of the mouse service when the device starts.
  • Use the remote to activate the cursor in the Precise application Volume by pressing Play twice.

It is very convenient to have a Bluetooth-enabled Fire Stick since it has the advantage of allowing you to listen to music without disturbing others. Additionally, it’s helpful if your TV speakers are lower quality than your headphones.

To view and control your content, you may also purchase a Fire Stick remote with volume controls if you don’t like the default remote.

How to unpair Bluetooth headphones from the Fire Stick?

You can disconnect your Bluetooth headphones from your Fire Stick if you want to restore your original audio system.

If you no longer want to use the headphones with your Fire Stick, you can unpair them from the same menu:

  1. From your main Fire Stick screen, navigate to Settings.
  2. Go to Remotes & Bluetooth Devices.
  3. Select Other Bluetooth Devices.
  4. On your screen, you can see a list of your headphones. You can select the one you want to remove by pressing the Select button.
  5. Instead, hit the Menu button rather than pressing the Sync button on your remote.

Controlling the volume on Bluetooth headphones and speakers with your Fire Stick remote

The Precise app Volume will need to be activated each time you turn on the Fire Stick, TV, and Bluetooth headphones once everything has been installed and sideloaded onto your Fire Stick.

  1. Get Precise Volume for your Fire Stick by downloading it for free.
  2. To select Applications on your remote, hold your remote’s Home button.
  3. To start Precise Volume, select the application.
  4. Now you can adjust the volume of your headphones by using the slider for Multimedia volume.

With your Fire Stick remote, you can now adjust the volume of your headphones. Put your headphones back into their charging case after you’re done using them with the Fire Stick to bring the volume back to your TV speakers. It will effectively turn off the headphones.

Final Words

Lastly, as long as you have a Fire TV Stick with 4K resolution or newer, it’s very easy to control the volume of your TV with the remote.

You can use PreciseVolume and Apps2Fire on your Fire Stick to sync it with mobile devices and Bluetooth headphones.

You’ll be able to take advantage of the entire range of possibilities with the Fire Stick if you get through the initial pain in the neck routine of opening up the Amazon OS to all Android apps.


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