How Do I Fix Raycon Earbuds Not Working on One Side?

Raycon Earbuds

The Raycon wireless earbuds are the coolest earbuds you can currently buy. They have a lot of features and are great for various reasons.

Raycon earbuds are excellent earbuds. They come with a sweatproof design which means that you can use them at the gym, outdoors, or even indoors as they are very durable.

They have a subtle look and come in different colors to pick the color you like. However, there is a chance that you may have Raycon earbuds not working on one side.

If it is the case, this article will guide you step by step on fixing it and making it work again.

When Raycon earbuds fail on one side, how can you fix them?

You will need to determine the cause of the earbuds not working on one side before fixing them. The following solutions will show you what you can try.

1. Check the earbuds batteries level

There will be a separate battery inside each of your Raycon earbuds. One battery might drain more quickly than another because batteries are not built to exacting standards. Because of this, it might burn out more quickly.

One earbud may fail to function as a result of this. While the other earbud will likely stop working 5-10 minutes after the first stops working unless there is a serious problem with the battery. Charging the earbuds is the best solution.

2. Factory resetting your earbuds

You may be able to solve the problem by restarting the earbuds. In the Bluetooth settings of any mobile device or computer with which you are paired, remove all Raycon Bluetooth names.

A factory reset may be an option if the problem doesn’t seem to be related to the battery level. You will need to turn off both earbuds to do this.

Identify the power buttons on each earbud when they are off. Press each power button for 30 seconds at a time.

You will be restoring the earbuds to factory settings once you have factory reset them. You will need to repair them once you have factory reset them.

What you do will vary depending on your own device, so that’s not what we’ll cover in this article.

Usually, this resolves the issue for most people. Factory resetting will essentially eliminate any software issue that may have existed in one of the earbuds.

3. Clean your Raycon earbuds

Even if it sounds grotesque to you, earphones go into ears. As a result, the wax will begin to build upon them. To prevent wax from getting on your earbuds, there is nothing that you can do. They can be cleaned, however.

Unclean earbuds can clog sound outlets, according to a lot of people. Although the sound will not necessarily be stopped, it will certainly make things quieter.

You shouldn’t have too much trouble cleaning them. A small piece of paper will suffice to remove any earwax. If that works, the sound will be heard again from the earbuds.

You may have to penetrate the mesh deeply. Please be careful. The earwax shouldn’t be pushed further into the ear.

Raycon Earbuds Not Working

What to do when Raycon earbuds one side is damaged?

The Raycon earbuds may be too damaged to be repaired in some cases, regardless of what you do.

All products that Raycon sells have a limited one-year warranty. So if you have not owned Raycon earbuds for more than a year and your headphones can’t be fixed, you will be able to have them replaced.

Raycon earbuds will have to be purchased as a new pair if you are outside of the 1-year warranty. Raycon does not offer repair services.

Raycon’s earphones are so well-built that there is very little chance this could happen. Rarely do people have a pair of Raycon earbuds that are completely broken and can’t be repaired.

After performing the steps described above, your Raycon wireless earbuds should be working perfectly, and you will also have a great experience of listening to music or watching videos on your smartphone.

How to Fix Raycon Earbuds Not Charging issue?

There is a possibility that only one or both earphones are not working or are not charging in some cases, while other times it is both. However, these fixes can still be applied, and the problem can be fixed.

●   Choose the Right Charger

Using a charger not designed for earbuds can cause many people to fail to consider it. Chargers designed to fit the Raycon Earbud batteries are included with the Earbuds.

●   Always update your earbuds

Raycon Earbuds that aren’t holding a charge are often caused by outdated software. Most charging issues involve hardware issues.

Basically, you just need to update the app on your smartphone. You can try charging the battery after updating the app in the Google Play Store.

●   Clean your Charging Case

A charging case is included with Raycon Earbuds, which hold the earbuds while charged.

The Raycon Earbuds charging case is not likely to cause any problems, specifically if you’re careful, but it is recommended to clean it frequently to avoid issues.

There are small pins on the charging case that provide the contact points. These earbuds must be clean so that they can latch onto the charging pin.

If you discover that the charging case is dust-covered, all you need to do is clean the case to get it working again.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, the above tips have helped you solve your Raycon earbud issues. If they have not, then you’re recommended to contact Raycon and see if they can help you in any way.

In short, Raycon is an excellent pair of wireless earbuds, and these problems are unlikely to happen to everybody.

With that said, we hope that this article has helped you deal with whatever problem you have come up against with your Raycon earbuds, and we wish you all the best.


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