Step By Step Guide to Control Bluetooth Volume on Samsung TV


Many people are unaware of the capabilities of smart televisions. You can connect your wireless headphones or speakers to the television using Bluetooth in some Samsung televisions.


That’s a nice feature. Now that you know how to control your Samsung TV volume from your phone or tablet, you’re probably wondering if you can do it instead of using the included remote.

You can increase the volume of your Bluetooth device while preserving the sound output of your television speakers by using multi-output audio. Audio on multiple outputs lets you control your TV and Bluetooth volume independently.

You might wonder how to use the Bluetooth feature of your Samsung smart TV if it supports it. This article will show you how to use Bluetooth to connect to other devices on your Samsung smart TV.

What is Multi-Output Audio?

An audio device or program that offers more than one output method is called multi-output audio.

Bluetooth devices, tablets, earphones, or speakers can be used. Multi-device playback of the sound is possible.

While some people may have difficulties hearing a television program, others will not have any problems.

You can listen to your earbuds or hearing aid louder while the rest of your family hears a normal volume level thanks to Bluetooth technology and multi-output audio options.

Where can I find Multi-Output Audio?

Depending on the Samsung TV model, you can access the multi-output audio differently. There was a simple menu navigation system, sound settings, and speaker settings with the previous models.

The Samsung 2016 model no longer has a “home” setting. Instead, it has “settings,” “system,” “accessibility,” and “multi-output audio.”

Starting in 2017, the new configuration steps began with setting up the home, then progressed through using general, accessibility, and multi-output audio, and finally finishing with setting up the home.

How to use Multi-Output Audio?

To take advantage of this feature, you must first pair your Bluetooth audio device with the TV.

Until it is paired, the feature will not work. You will need to follow the Samsung method for connecting your particular device as different ways connect different Samsung devices.

Connecting Bluetooth headphones

You must place the headphones in Bluetooth pairing mode so that they will be discoverable. Taking this step will require you to read the instructions provided with your product.

A list of Bluetooth audio devices is available on the Samsung television. Select the device you wish to connect.

Depending on the model of your television, the process may be slightly different. When you are using the latest model of R, N, or M, follow these steps:

  • Home
  • Settings
  • Sound
  • Sound Output
  • Bluetooth Speaker list

Changing the Bluetooth volume is done by going to the multi-output audio setting once the devices are paired. The normal sound will remain unaffected by this change.

Where can I find out if my TV supports Bluetooth?

It is important to determine if your Samsung television is compatible with Bluetooth devices before using them.

The remote that came with the device will typically indicate whether your model supports Bluetooth, but there are other ways to find out.

An oval-shaped button will be located in the bottom right corner, indicating that the remote supports Bluetooth.

What to do when my Tv doesn’t support Bluetooth?

When your Samsung TV does not support Bluetooth, you still have options. One option is to buy a Bluetooth adapter. A standard AUX audio port or 3.5mm audio jack can connect either of these devices.

Red and white cables are used to connect to a standard audio port. Audio devices such as earphones can be controlled using these cables.

However, there will be no Bluetooth support for connecting things like keyboards or game controllers. For those devices to work with your television, you will need to research wireless keyboard options.


What is the best way to use my Samsung TV speakers and headphones simultaneously?

Go to settings by pressing the “home” button. You can now choose display and sound, then audio output depending on your TV model. The next step is to select headphones or audio output. Select audio output. That’s it.

How can I fix my headphones’ distorted sound?

Be sure the plug of your headphones is the right type. Distortion will occur when a 4-pole mini plug is used. To use this system, a mini plug with three poles is required.

Streaming audio to my Bluetooth device is no longer working on my television. How can I fix this?

To hear your music again, you’ll need to reconnect your Bluetooth device. To do this, you have two options.

Step 1

You can disconnect your TV from it by using your Bluetooth device. Now you don’t have to repair it each time you connect it to your television.

Step 2

Alternatively, you can watch television. Using your remote control, press the “home” button, then “settings.”

Depending on the model of your television, some choices will differ, but remotes and accessories should appear. Find your device’s name under Bluetooth settings. After that, press “disconnect.”  When you are finished disconnecting, press the device name again to reconnect.

What are the steps to set up my television to use a home theater system or stereo receiver?

Your television can be connected to these devices using two different methods. Using HDMI is the first method.

In addition, cables such as coaxial digital cables, optical digital cables, and audio cables can be used.

ARC (Audio Return Channel) features are required on both input and output devices to use HDMI.

You can tell which HDMI port works by looking for ARC markings. Turn on the control for the HDMI settings for both devices after you connect the ARC cable to the HDMI port.

ARC is only supported by certain TVs, home theater systems, and receivers, so you have to connect them via the cable.

The television’s audio output must be connected to the cable in this case. Your device’s jack should be connected to the other end. The inputs are generally labeled as TV, video, audio, etc.

You can now turn on your television and adjust the volume to your liking. Make sure the input is set to the proper input on the stereo or home theater device.


The bottom line is that if your TV doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities, then it isn’t true smart TV.

Just because you aren’t sure what your TV can do doesn’t mean you can’t make it do those things. All it takes is a quick Google search to find out whether your TV supports Bluetooth.


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