Step By Step Guide to Reset JBL Bluetooth Headphones & Earbuds

JBL Bluetooth Headphones

Headphones and earbuds are more than just another gadget. They were meant to enrich our lives and make them more convenient.

By now, it’s all too easy to find a pair to suit almost any budget or preference when it comes to the latest and greatest in terms of headphones and earbuds.

The JBL Bluetooth headphones can be reset by holding the volume buttons for five seconds to hear a ping that means they have been factory reset.

You need to hold down the power button for five seconds to turn off the LED lights on your JBL earphones.

After the reset is complete, you will need to repair your JBL headphones and earphones to your devices.

This article will explain how to reset your JBL Bluetooth headphones and earphones.

Let’s get started.

Guide to Resetting JBL Bluetooth Headphones & Earbuds

JBL Bluetooth headphones and earbuds are some of the best around. They come with many features that make them great for listening to music, taking or making calls, and listening to podcasts or audiobooks.

The JBL Synchros Reflect BT is a great example of quality headphones that look stylish. However, every product will experience issues once in a while.

Sometimes, this can be fixed with a simple repair, but you may need to perform a factory reset on your JBL Bluetooth headphones or earbuds.

JBL headphones and earphones can be reset easily with a few simple steps. It’s one of the easiest ways to reset any device.

If you want your headphones or earphones to forget previous devices they have been connected to, you will need to either press the power button or volume button.

The JBL Bluetooth headphones or earphones will have to be connected to your selected devices again after a factory reset has been performed.

For example, even if you’ve listened on your phone or tablet previously, you’ll need to connect them manually.

Best Way to Reset JBL Bluetooth Headphones

If your device does not recognize your JBL Bluetooth headphones and earphones, or if you have a completely blank display on your earbuds, performing a JBL factory reset is probably the best solution for you.

Changing the JBL headphones’ settings could be the easiest way to fix a bad connection or audio delay.

You shouldn’t have to spend more than 2 minutes resetting your JBL Bluetooth headphones. To restore your headphones, simply follow these steps:

  1. If your JBL headphones aren’t working properly, make sure there’s no obvious reason, like a dead battery or another Bluetooth device connected to them.
  2. If you cannot determine the source of the headphone troubles, try finding the power button, which is usually situated on the right ear cup.
  3. If you hear the ping sound, the headphones are on. Press the power button to turn on the headphones.
  4. Put the volume buttons on the right. On the same ear cup, they are below the power button.
  5. For five seconds, press and hold both volume control buttons simultaneously.
  6. As soon as the headphones power off, release the volume buttons.
  7. The device will enter pairing mode after hearing a third pinging sound.

You are likely holding down the volume buttons too quickly when you have trouble resetting your JLB Bluetooth headphones.

If the problem persists, press and hold both the volume-up and volume-down buttons for 5 seconds.

Steps to Reset JBL Bluetooth Earbuds

JBL makes some of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones, earbuds, and speakers on the market.

With their JBL Connect+ technology, you can pair up to three devices simultaneously and switch between each without repairing.

If your JBL headphones or earphones are acting up, try a simple JBL factory reset and see if it fixes your problems.

Many articles online explaining how to reset JBL Bluetooth earphones, but very few describe how to reset the earbuds themselves.

However, these earbuds can be reset easily. It’s just a matter of making the earbuds forget everything they were paired to previously. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Check if anything obvious prevents your JBL earphones from working properly, such as a dead battery or another Bluetooth device connected to them.
  2. Set one earbud to the side and remove both earbuds from the case. There is no difference between keeping and laying down an earbud.
  3. Press the top of the earbud two times in a row using the one you still have in your hand.
  4. Hold the button down for roughly five seconds after pressing it a third time.
  5. Once you hold the buttons down, both earbuds will turn off. Once both earbuds have completely shut off, you’ll know that this has happened.
  6. You can power your earbuds back up by pressing and holding both buttons for about two seconds.
  7. You should see the LED lights flashing blue if you have completed the factory reset correctly. An earbud searching for a device to pair with indicates that it is searching.

Until you change your phone’s settings after a factory reset, you won’t be able to connect your JBL earphones. Listen to your music once again afterward by pairing the earphones as normal.

After you reset your JBL headphones, it’s always a good idea to reset the Bluetooth connection as well. This way, there are no lingering issues connected to a bad pairing or anything like that.

If you are still having trouble with your JBL Bluetooth headphones or earphones after performing a factory reset, try another one of these tips before contacting customer service or using the warranty. They really should fix the issue!

Final Words

Resetting your JBL headphones and earphones is a simple procedure that can solve various problems that you may be experiencing with a set of Bluetooth headphones or earphones.

It can be a very difficult task to fix Bluetooth earphones that aren’t working correctly. It’s surprisingly easy to reset JBL headphones and earphones, as we discovered. All you have to do is hold down certain buttons.

When resetting the JLB earphones, you will need to hold down on the power button of one earbud while holding down on the volume up and volume down buttons for the headphones.


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