How Do I Change The Screensaver on My Samsung TV?


Screensavers can look really cool, especially the animations. The screensaver’s mission of your TV is to reduce the risk of burn-in on your OLED screen.

The perfect screensaver avoids any variation in content, has a single color and brightness, and has only the same images flashing on and off. This can be a little annoying if you are not using your TV for a few hours.

Have you tried changing your TV screensaver? Changing it can be quite frustrating. Most manufacturers still do not let you change the screensaver, which requires endless scrolling through app menus or remote control.

When customizing your experience on a Samsung device, you can expect good results, but what about changing the screensaver?

Screensavers on Samsung TVs are easy to customize, and you can enable your screensaver to prevent burn-in to the screen.

A recent update from Samsung also added new customization options to its Ambient Mode screensaver option for 2021 OLED TVs.

It’s time to learn how to change the screensaver on a Samsung TV now and find out what the Ambient Mode update will include in 2021.

Additionally, we need to understand what burn-in is and how screensavers protect our TV screens.

Let’s take a look at how you can change your Samsung TV screensaver settings and get ready for your guests coming over for the holidays!

How To Change Or Enable Your Screensaver?

The ability to change your Samsung TV screensaver will allow you to add some personal entertainment to your television set while making it more secure.

Enable the screensaver option and keep your screen from burning in by replacing the standard images with photos or personally selected images.

With Smart Things, you can change the screensaver on a Samsung TV using the TV remote control or the Smart Things app.

You will need the Smart Things app on your mobile device and your TV to access the full screensavers catalog or add your own photos. Below are instructions on how to set up your screensavers as well as how to change them:

Using the SmartThings App, you can change the screensaver’s settings:

  1. On your mobile device, open the SmartThings app.
  2. Click on Add (+ Sign)
  3. Choose a device
  4. Choose by Brand
  5. Choose Samsung
  6. Choose a TV
  7. Choose the TV you want to connect
  8. Connect your TV by selecting Start and following the instructions.
  9. Click the Menu button (three horizontal lines).
  10. Click on the Location drop-down menu
  11. Choose your TV’s location
  12. Click on your TV card to view your options.
  13. Navigate to the introductions and select the ambient mode.
  14. Click on the Start Now button.
  15. Click on the “Change Screensaver” button within the app.

By using your remote, you can change your screensaver:

  • On your remote, click the Menu button.
  • Choose Ambient Mode.
  • Choose Ambient Settings.
  • Choose the Screen Settings.
  • Set your screensaver according to the instructions on the screen.

Navigate to home, select Ambient Mode using your remote control, and turn your screensaver on/off. To enable your screensaver, select a theme from the drop-down list. To turn it off, press again on the Home button.

What Is Burn-In?

With their enhanced picture resolution and contrast ratio, OLED screens on smart devices are prone to burn-in.

An example of a burn-in is when a fixed logo or image remains on your screen without changing for an extended period of time.

An image of a ghost appears on the screen due to this method, which lasts even after changing channels or switching off the television.

Leaving your TV on the same station or the same game screen for an extended period of time may result in this problem.

If you tend to leave your TV on for long periods, setting your screensaver to turn on automatically after a specific amount of inactivity reduces burn-in.

Ambient Mode Features

The ambient mode comes with a range of configurable screensaver options. Furthermore, some extra features allow you to customize your screensaver further. The resulting experience will allow you to see your device from a completely new perspective.

Listed below are a few brief details about each of these options:

  • Cinemagraph

With the ability to customize settings like Saturation, Brightness, and Tone, you can play various moving images on your screen.

  • My Album

You can customize your screens with your photos using Dynamic Filter and Auto Gallery templates.

  • Artwork

With options for setting Saturation, Brightness, and Tone, you can choose from various artwork, such as still life or nature photos.

  • Background

With the option to customize settings like Saturation, Brightness, or Tone, you can choose from a selection of simplistic colors or backgrounds like brick or wood.

You will have to grant My Album access to your preferred Gallery using the SmartThings app to use this option. Protect your privacy and security by screening your images carefully before granting access.

Making your smart TV feel more like your own home is as easy as changing the screensaver. There is, however, a bit of a learning curve involved in changing this setting.

As luck would have it, Samsung strives to make changing settings such as your screensaver simple and easy!

When you’re ready to take a break from the action or want a simple alternative to widescreen content, you can use X-treme Screen Saver.

It’s one of those settings that you might forget about once you find it but will love having access to in the future.

Final Thoughts

With so many new entertainment avenues available, we mustn’t take anything for granted. Take a moment to consider how much time we spend watching television and movies. If you are like most Americans, it’s a significant amount.

When the screen is empty, it’s easy to ignore that the screensaver can still enhance the experience.

With so many forms of entertainment competing for our attention, our TV screens often go unused. But by changing your screensaver on your Samsung Smart TV, you can make them stand out from all the rest.


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