How Do I Connect My Ps5 to the Hotel’s Wi-Fi?


The new PS5 is the quickest and fastest of all the PlayStation consoles to date. Many gamers carry their PS5 with them while traveling as it offers a convenient way to escape boredom and kickback.

To set up a connection on your PS5, you must authenticate any unknown Wi-Fi connection by going through the settings on the console.

Your phone will also need to be connected to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network to complete the connection.

Connecting your PS5 to hotel Wi-Fi can be frustrating, however. If you are stuck wondering how to connect your PS5 (or other gaming consoles) to hotel Wi-Fi, this guide will help you through the process.

Connect the PS5 to the hotel Wi-Fi

Being on the move means you probably shouldn’t be gaming on your PS5. It is possible to use the PS5 without an internet connection by downloading games to your hard drive and creating a bubble of local network data.

However, if you will be traveling and want to pack your PS5, you need a hotel Wi-Fi hack.

You can connect your PS5 to the hotel’s Wi-Fi by following these simple steps.

  1. Navigate to the settings. Navigate to the Network settings from the PS5 settings.
  2. Establish the connection. Under Network Settings, you should click on the “Set Up an Internet Connection” option.
  3. Choose Wi-Fi. Connect to one of the Wi-Fi networks you want, and you’ll see two choices, one of which is “How to Authenticate.”
  4. Now, connect your phone to your PlayStation 5. Then, find or click on the wireless network your PS5 uses, such as PS5-625 on your phone. A password will be requested.
  5. Type in the password. Connect to the network using the Wi-Fi password.

The PS5 will now connect and be ready to stream or game after authenticating the hotel’s Wi-Fi with your phone.

Why does your PS5 not connect to Wi-Fi?

Check if the password on your PlayStation 5 is correct if the device won’t connect to the hotel’s Wi-Fi. It may be helpful to restart the console if you are sure you entered the correct password.

Be careful not to put the console into rest mode. If it appears to be a DNS issue, you will have to change your PS5’s DNS settings.

Some problems with a connection can be caused by being far away from the router or by too many simultaneous users.

You may need to wait and try your connection again later to resolve these problems in hotel Wi-Fi.

Does the PS5 have its own Wi-Fi?

With the PS5, you will enjoy 2*2 MU-MIMO wireless transfers and Bluetooth capabilities.

In other words, all PS5s can connect to Wi-Fi without modifying them, but they may not be able to access the internet without a router. Online features can still be accessed by connecting to a local wireless network.

How to modify the Wi-Fi frequency of a PS5?

Once the system has finished scanning, you can access the options menu by clicking the options button.

The “Wi-Fi frequency bands” option is located in the pop-up menu on the PlayStation 5, where you can change the Wi-Fi frequency.

What is the performance of 2.4 GHz for gaming?

Streaming and gaming using high-bandwidth activities require approximately 5GHz. These speeds can reduce game lag and allow for higher performance.

Because 2.4GHz has a better range at the cost of performance, it is better suited for low bandwidth applications like Internet browsing.

Does the PS5 run on 2.4GHz or 5GHz?

While the PS5 can run at 5GHz, it isn’t guaranteed to switch to that frequency when connected automatically.

According to the type of Wi-Fi connection, the PS5 will scan for a connection and use either 2.4GHz or 5GHz.

Can you upgrade your PS5 to 2.4GHz?

Automatic wireless connections are set in PS5s by default, which means they select the best wireless connection available based on the network they’re connected to.

By going to the Wi-Fi settings and selecting “2.4GHz,” you can make your console use 2.4GHz. If you’re looking for the fastest speed and performance, you should go for 5GHz.

Does the PS5 support WPS pins?

The PS5 supports WPS pins. You must press the WPS button on the router if the device is connected to your own router to get started.

For the PS5 to detect the connection correctly, you must be close to the router. If you’re going to connect at home, it’s an excellent option, but it’s not suitable for hotels.

Is it possible to set up PS5 without Internet?

You can still play single-player games from a disc if the hotel Wi-Fi does not work or is too slow for gameplay since these games do not require a connection or patch downloads.

Do downloaded PS5 games work offline?

When you set your PS5 console as the main system on your PlayStation account, you can play downloaded PS5 games offline.

What is better for WIFI, PS4 or PS5?

There are about fifteen times fewer mobile data connections on the PS4’s Wi-Fi 4 network than the PS5’s Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 6 is capable of speeds of 9.6 Gbps, far exceeding what can be accomplished by the PS4.

Final Thoughts

If you’re staying the night in a hotel room and want to play on your PS5, you might run into an issue with connecting it to the hotel’s Wi-Fi. This is because hotels often use passwords that are difficult for guests to guess.

It is possible to authenticate a newly discovered Wi-Fi network through a mobile phone even if your PS5 is not automatically connected to a new network.

You should be able to set up the new Wi-Fi on the PS5 as long as you’re connected to the hotel’s Wi-Fi with a mobile device.

Hotel Wi-Fi does have certain limitations, which means that sometimes you may not be able to connect on your first attempt, or your connection may be slower than usual because so many people are trying to connect at one time.


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