How Many Controllers Included With A PS5?


It’s finally here! For what seems like infinity, you’ve wanted to play Call of Duty: Vanguard and Elden Ring. You finally have the long-awaited PS5. How many controllers are in the box?

The new PlayStation 5 comes with one controller.

This is great for solo players, but what about if there are several people in your house who would like to play a multiplayer game? You can find the answer in the PS5 bundles.

About the PlayStation 5 & Bundle Options

In recent memory, there has never been a console as difficult to obtain as the PS5. There has been an obsession and a huge surge in preorders since consoles started to trickle out to the public in November 2020.

Some people have made a profit from those who are willing to pay high prices and listed the system for sale at more than $15,000. Some scammers have sent gamers PS5 boxes with rocks inside. It’s a wild world out there.

People are very excited about the disk vs. digital-only option. If you purchase the digital-only edition of the PS5, the price drops to $100. Given that Microsoft used to plan to release an XBOX with an internet connection, it’s not surprising there’s a digital-only edition.

Although they didn’t force the internet issue, the fact that more games are streaming makes it seem like Sony is encouraging the change. Although they are digital and disk-based, the new XBOX consoles, X and S sell for approximately the same price.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the PS5 is a hot item. This means that if you own one, you may need to invite your gaming buddies. Let’s first get you set up before you send those invites. The controller included with standard PS5 purchases is a DualSense wireless controller.

This was created to further immerse you in the game. The triggers will simulate interaction with real objects. You can also get vibration feedback to simulate changes in the digital environment or selections made. You don’t need a headset to play MMORPGs. This controller includes a microphone that can be muted.

It’s easy to see why you would want to add another controller to your collection with a next-generation controller like this. There are many ways to get a second or third controller, but we will be focusing on the bundle. These are just a few of the packages that are available.

  • GameStop. The most common way this popular gaming retailer sells consoles is in bundle format. It’s no surprise that they are trying to offer more value for money, despite the limited availability of PS5s. Their digital-only edition includes an additional red DualSense controller. The bundle also includes a controller charging station and a $50 gift certificate to this store. A $50 PlayStation gift card is included as well as a PlayStation Plus subscription for one year. Another bundle is available for the digital-only edition. However, instead of $100 in gift cards, the bundle includes a 1TB hard disk to maximize storage.
  • Best Buy. This electronics giant is not like the rest and will make sure that you have your extra controller in the right color, whether it’s black, red or white. You don’t need a second controller? Choose from several games. You don’t like any of these? You can pick your own gift card for $75 to the PlayStation Store. You don’t need any of this? Buy a headset. Best Buy’s top-tier option comes with the digital edition. It includes two controllers and $75 in PlayStation Cash. Also, it includes a year-long subscription to PlayStation Plus.
  • Walmart. There are many gaming materials available for the PS5. The most popular version is the disk. It comes with the cosmic red controller, but also includes a headset, remote and microfiber cleaning cloth. Vanguard, a new CoD game, is also included. You can swap your headset and game for a charging station for as little as $200. This bundle includes an additional midnight black controller, headset and remote, as well as an accessory kit, cloth, Battlefield 2042, and a remote. There are two versions, one with Marvel’s Spider-Man and the other with other games.
  • Sears. This bundle includes the console and a dual charging dock that simultaneously charges both controllers. Although this bundle only includes one controller, it also comes with a silicone skin for the controller. This cover is supposed to enhance the gameplay and the grip, allowing for an improved in-game experience. You will also find headphones, four thumb grips and an accessory kit with Marvel’s Spider-Man.
  • QVC. QVC offers a bundle, even though it is more popular for its shopping obsession than for gaming. The bundle does not include two controllers, but there is enough space in the charging dock to hold two more if you decide to buy another. The pack includes a case for the controller, three months of PlayStation Plus subscription, and two vouchers to be used on amounts determined at purchase.

Why is the PS5 so special?

Sony is using the continuing shortage as a marketing strategy to increase interest in its new console. It does feel like it at times, to be honest. It is psychologically possible to make something exclusive by restricting the people who can interact with it.

There are a few things that make this gaming system so attractive. It has a very fast loading time. Anyone who has played for a long time will be impressed by the rapid improvement in loading times. They won’t want to wait as much on this system as they did with other systems.

The games can be played on the PS4 backwards compatible, so no one will have to lose their favorites during the transition.

You can see why this product is so popular. The bundles, graphics and loading times, as well as the ability to keep all your PS4 games, are just some of the reasons. Why aren’t more of them being made?

The pandemic is to be commended for this. The smart chip shortage is creating massive gridlock, just like the auto industry. You should be able soon to obtain a console and multiple controllers as plants work hard to compensate for lost time.


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