How Many HDMI Ports Does an LG TV Have?

HDMI Ports

TV is something you know you want. LG is your brand of choice. What’s the total number of HDMI ports installed on my device? Is it more than one? When shopping for electronic devices, specifications play an important role. The same applies to HDMI.

Let’s say that you have decided that you want a 32-inch TV. You know the size and model number of the TV you want is an LG.

Since this brand name is one of the most well-known and respected brands in television, it isn’t hard to get info on different LG TVs or even find an LG TV for sale. However, finding out how many HDMI ports are on your specific model may be a problem.

Depending on several factors, it is possible to have more or fewer ports on an LG TV. How large is your TV? What model do you have? Does it have smart features?

If you want to know how many HDMI ports are on your model, do you need answers to all of these questions? Keep reading this article because this is for you.

What’s the maximum number of HDMI cables needed to connect to your TV?

If you plan to simultaneously plug multiple devices into your LG TV, you will only need one cord to connect most entertainment devices.

The number of ports you need will depend on how many devices you plan to plug into your TV at once.

Streaming, for instance, might not require a Roku Stick and Playstation (assuming you only use your Playstation for streaming).

Alternatively, if you have more devices than ports, you may want to switch between them. TVs from LG usually have up to five ports, so you can always switch between them.

It’s hard to know how this will affect your viewing experience, especially if you are hoping to connect various devices to your TV at once.

Luckily, you can solve this problem by installing an HDMI switch (also known as an HDMI splitter).

This allows you to connect multiple devices to the same port on your television, allowing for more seamless viewing experiences across all of your favorite entertainment options without having to purchase additional televisions or other equipment so that they’ll fit into one room together.

1.  Overwhelmed by devices

Having more HDMI ports than available devices could be a problem. You should keep devices on your tv stand to a minimum unless you are okay with a disorganized mess.

The other LG TV could also be connected to devices. Consider the following scenario: your home has three game systems and a soundbar requiring HDMI connections. One device should be connected to one TV, three to the other.

2.  Additional Options

If you find that a switch isn’t enough, there are HDMI splitters for sale. These work similarly to switches, but instead of allowing you to connect one device to more than one port, it lets you connect more than one device to one port.

This is excellent if you want to share video between multiple displays, but not so good if you just want a way around the lack of ports on your LG TV.

If you don’t have an HDMI port on your TV, it doesn’t mean everything is over. If you need more ports, an attachment can provide them.

The HDMI switch is one such solution. An extension cord acts similarly to an extension cable for e-cigarettes.

How This Switch Works?

You own 5 devices that need an HDMI port, but your LG TV only has 3! A box is attached to the end of the HDMI cable in an HDMI switch, which houses up to five additional HDMI ports. This effectively adds 8 more HDMI ports to your system!

Why are HDMIs so controversial?

High-Definition Multimedia Interface is the standard name for HDMI. An HDMI cord or “stick” is similar to a USB storage device. The cord or “stick” is really an extension.

Media content will be accessible on various devices, such as gaming systems, DVD players, and streaming devices (including Roku’s Fire Stick). The HDMI connector will allow you to watch and listen to whatever you want.

Where to find Port Locations?

After you understand what an HDMI is, your next question might be, “Which HDMI ports are there?”Understandably, there are so many different types of inputs.

You will always find an HDMI port no matter where your television is. HDMI will be printed on the cable and will have a trapezoidal shape.

How Many Ports Does Your TV Have?

Unless you intend to attach any other multimedia device to your TV, it will not matter if there are any ports on your Smart TV.

If you wish to plug in all your multimedia devices at once, you will be concerned if you have many. Having a PlayStation, Chromecast, and Xbox, for example, means that you need more than one port on your device.

What are the types of LG TVs?

HDMI ports are a common feature of LG TVs, regardless of the TV’s shape or size. HDMI ports can be found on nearly every LG television, including:

  • OLED
  • NanoCell
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • ONED MiniLED

Most of these TVs have one to three inputs. This can be accomplished in several ways. You can start by looking at specifications online. While in the store you have a few choices.

It will be written on the box where the television is packed, or you can ask the department associate for the specifications.


Different LG TV models come with different numbers of HDMI ports. Your TV’s port count can affect how convenient it is to use multimedia programs.

For more information about the specifications of different brands, you can check out their websites before buying.

Port accessibility can be extended using a variety of options. Play, listen, or watch your favorite audio, game, or television on your own terms.


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