How Many Times Does a Phone Ring Before It Goes to Voicemail? Explained

Phone Ring

You may have noticed that the phone rings twice when you call someone but then rings again once you reach their voicemail. Sometimes it rings four times. How long does it take for a voicemail to get a phone?

Calls are directed to voicemail depending on the cell phone carrier. After four or five rings or 25-30 seconds, depending on which model you have, many factors could affect the number of phone rings. It is usual for calls to go to voicemail after four to five rings.

You should contact your Service provider if you receive calls that go to voicemail quicker than you prefer.

Some signs will help you identify the cause of repeated voicemails when you call someone. It would help if you considered how many rings you get, how many calls you’ve made, and whether or not you have texted.

How many times does a phone ring if you’ve been blocked?

Although there is no way to know if someone is blocking you, you can ask them directly. However, if your number is blocked, you will typically hear the first ring before the voicemail. These are the first steps to determine if your number is blocked.

Call a Few Times

This one is obvious. You don’t have to call it back-to-back a few times. Give it a few hours. You might even need to call for a few days. It is impossible to know where someone may be without cell phone Service.

Send an iPhone text

You can send a message and check if it’s delivered; it could indicate whether your account is blocked or not. It will help you decide if your account is not blocked. In this case, you will receive a confirmation message that the text has been delivered.

It could be that the message isn’t delivered. However, it could also mean that you are blocked.

To find out if your android phone has been blocked:

  1. Go to your contacts and delete any name you suspect is blocking you.
  2. Go to your contacts and delete the name of the person you suspect has stopped you. If their name is listed as a suggestion, they likely have not blocked you.
  3. If you wish to keep them in contact, remember to add their information once again.

If none of these options work, even after calling several times, it is possible to try calling a different number.

What do you do if someone declines your call?

If you get redirected to voicemail on an iPhone after only one or two rings, the person may have declined your call.

It can be challenging to know if someone has blocked or declined your call. There are many other reasons you might go straight into voicemail or hear only one ring before you get the voicemail.

There are other reasons to be aware of:

  • The person is located in an area where cell phone coverage is not good.
  • Their phone is off.
  • Their phone is in airplane mode.
  • They have activated the “Do Not Disturb” function.
  • Their phone battery is dead.
  • Someone is calling them at the same time.

Can You Hide Your Number on a Phone Call?

There are several ways to control your number from being displayed on the phone of the person receiving your call if you don’t wish them to see it.

Before dialing the number, you can dial *67. It will appear as “Private” or “Blocked” at the other end.

There is an easy way to block your number from receiving phone calls permanently. It works on both Android and iPhone.


  • Go to your settings.
  • Click on “Phone.”
  • Click on “Show My Caller Id.”
  • Change the function to off.

An Android version of

  • Open the menu in your phone’s App.
  • Click on “Settings.”
  • Click on “Call Settings.”
  • Select “Additional Settings”
  • Click on “Caller ID”
  • Select “Hide Number.”

How will the caller know if I declined or blocked them?

If you are the one who is declining or blocking a number, the caller will have these options to consider instead of knowing right away that you are ignoring them or have blocked them.

You might be busy and not mean to ignore someone calling. If your iPhone rings while alive, you can hit the lock button to stop it from buzzing or ringing. You will still hear the caller ring before you reach voicemail.

You can also set your iPhone to “Do Not Disturb” if you cannot answer the phone. It will notify all callers that you are unavailable and return their calls. You can also text your iPhone to say sorry, but I’m not available right now.

Go to your most recent calls list to block a number from an iPhone. Click on the circle with an “i” around it and click on “Block This Caller.” You can also modify your settings to block unknown callers so that you aren’t disturbed by telemarketers.

What does it mean when the phone rings and never goes to voicemail?

It could be a problem with the Service provider. It could also mean that the person has just purchased a new phone or has not set up voicemail. Sometimes, you may hear a message saying that a voicemail is not set up or complete.

How many times should you let your phone ring before answering?

There is no correct answer to how many times your phone should ring before picking it up. However, here are some suggestions. You don’t want to let your phone ring three times before picking up. Otherwise, the voicemail may start to pick up, and you might not be able to answer.

You don’t want your phone ringing more than twice if you’re making business calls. Customers and colleagues want to know that you are available and easily accessible.

Why does my phone ring when it’s turned off?

You won’t be able to tell if the phone has turned off, the do-not-disturb message is on, or if there is poor coverage.

  • Text messages to a dead cell phone are saved and will be displayed when it is turned on again.



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