How Often Should a PS4 Controller Be Completely Charged?

PS4 controller

Overcharging batteries can cause permanent damage to them, especially if they have been used regularly in the past. If you have used technology regularly, especially in the past, you might be familiar with this danger.

If you’re wondering if you can harm your PS4 Controller by charging it too long, you might want to consider the perils of battery charging.

A brand new PlayStation 4 controller can charge within two hours in complete isolation. It will not automatically turn off if it is plugged in, but it will take longer to charge if you use it while it is plugged in.

Considering that the PS4 shipped long before USB-C emerged, its controllers still have the old-style USB mini-ports you are familiar with from the first half of the last decade. The battery in the controller will take longer to charge as it ages.

How to charge a PlayStation 4 controller?

Using the USB cable with the PS4 console, you can charge the PlayStation 4 controller. During this time, the controller will charge as long as the PS4 is turned on (this includes rest mode).

About two hours are required for a complete charge. It is recommended to let your PS4 controllers run out of battery and then charge them several times a year to keep their battery life from deteriorating.

Your controller’s charging progress can be viewed by holding the controller’s PS button for several seconds.

What is the fastest way to charge a PS4 controller?

Using a wall outlet rather than your PS4 is the fastest way to charge your Playstation 4 controllers. There are many benefits to using a wall outlet, including getting more power. As for two, high-capacity charger bricks are available.

In contrast, Apple iPads come with a 20W charging cable that is more powerful than directly plugging into the system, which only delivers 4W.

The charge speed will be dramatically increased using a 20-watt charging brick plugged into a micro-USB port. The PS4 controller can usually be charged up to full capacity after half an hour using a 20-watt charger.

Charge your controller from the wall outlet, but remember not to leave it there if you don’t want it to get dirty. PlayStation 4 controllers don’t commonly suffer battery blowups, but overcharging your battery can damage it.

Sony has claimed PlayStation 4 controllers’ batteries to stop charging at 100%, so there cannot be any overcharging. Despite this, it is evident that it can severely shorten the battery’s lifespan.

Putting a battery level indicator on a charging dock like the HyperX ChargePlay Duo can minimize that problem.

When the charging process is complete, you will know when to remove it from the charging brick, so you can use the controller while it is charging.

What makes some PS4 controller batteries more durable than others?

The DualShock 4 controller was never a huge deal for Sony. But on September 15, 2016, the company quietly released a second version of the controller. It is listed as the same battery as the previous Dualshock 4.

Sony improved the battery life of the DualShock 4 v2, despite its batteries being nearly identical despite some tweaks to the original. Thus, you may own a DualShock 4 from the second generation and weren’t aware of it.

With the 2nd generation rollout, Sony achieved its goal of lasting longer. Charge time remained the same for two hours.

In any case, charging your PS4 controller with a 4w charger or directly plugged into its USB port will take about two hours, regardless of which version you own.

What is the battery life of the PS4 controller?

It is estimated that they will last between four and eight hours, with a pretty wide window for the duration. Their average duration is about four hours.

Sony PlayStation 4 owners have praised the DualShock 4 controllers for quality and performance. Battery life is not as long as those of their competitors.

Xbox One controllers use rechargeable double-A batteries, which last between 40 and 60 hours. It can get roughly 30 hours of usage out of a rechargeable battery.

Similarly, Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers can last 40 hours on a single charge. DualShock 4 controllers are quite different from their competitors. As a result, your PlayStation 4 controller will be charged a lot.

In no way should this be construed as a criticism of DualShock 4 controllers; quite the opposite. The DualShock controller is one of the greatest controllers ever created. But, it is very energy-intensive.

Does the PS4 Controller charge all night?

The PS4 controller can be left charging overnight, but it is not a good idea. The PS4 controller’s battery can be damaged in this way, and its life is reduced as a result.

For this reason, avoid charging your PS4 controller all night if you want it to last longer. Remove the charger after it has been fully charged.

Does the PS4 controller have the potential to overcharge?

The PlayStation 4 controllers we all own are eager to be charged for a long time. Do overcharged PS4 controllers have the potential to damage them? The batteries of your PS4 controllers can be damaged if they are overcharged.

They do not harm the controller itself. The PS4’s lithium-ion battery stops charging when it reaches 100% and can’t be overcharged. These tips will make charging your PS4 controller easier.

What Is Wrong With My PS4 Controller?

The PS4 controller is full of features. In addition to the light bar, speakers, vibration motors, and a setting to remain on, they have a default setting to stay on forever. You will quickly drain the battery. Some fixes have been made.

  • Dim the light bar’s brightness.
  • Vibrations should be turned off.
  • Removing “always-on” settings.
  • Get a stronger battery.

The settings menu can be used to control most of these things. The light bar can be reduced or eliminated by moving up to the Quick Menu, selecting DualShock 4, and adjusting the brightness.

Final Words

Batteries in PS4 controllers can be damaged if overcharged. Despite this, the actual controller is not damaged by overcharging. Additionally, the PS4 battery cannot be overcharged once it has reached 100%.

Additionally, consider focusing on the tips in the article for improving the battery life of your PS4. If you follow the tips, your battery life will certainly improve.

It is undoubtedly one of the best gaming controllers ever made for the Sony PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, the battery life is not very long.

With all of the options it offers, such as quick charging, battery replacement, and replacement in two hours, you’ll get much more from this well-designed device, meaning more time between charges.


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