How to Connect my Sony Remote to my TV

Sony Remote

It can be hard or impossible to navigate the TV’s menus without a remote. It doesn’t matter if you have just replaced your Sony remote or if you need to pair it with your new TV. This guide will show how to connect your Sony remote to your TV.

Compatible Sony remotes can use infrared to send signals to your television automatically. Bluetooth pairing will make your remote more responsive and faster. The Settings menu allows you to connect your remote or other Bluetooth devices directly to your TV.

Bluetooth connections will increase the range of your remote and reduce battery drain. The best part is that you can connect your Sony Bluetooth remote to your TV in under a minute.

How to pair a Sony Bluetooth remote to your TV

Through the Settings menu on your TV, you can create a Bluetooth connection. The process for accessing depends on the TV model which you are using. You can press “Quick settings” for newer models. For older models, press “Home” to select the Settings icon.

Look for a menu labeled “Remotes & Accessories” or “Remote Control.” Click that menu and then choose “Connect via Bluetooth.” On-screen instructions will guide you through connecting your device.

Bluetooth will allow you to get better performance out of your Sony remote. It can also solve connectivity issues. It is a good idea to pair your remote with your TV if it has Bluetooth functionality.

Why is my TV not responding to my Sony Remote?

If your remote is not connecting to your TV or your TV doesn’t respond to the buttons you press.

These are the most common problems with Sony remotes.

Low Battery Charge

Battery issues cause most malfunctioning remotes. Try swapping the batteries if your remote is having problems.

It would be best to always use alkaline batteries for your remote control rather than rechargeable.

Rechargeable batteries tend to lose their charge over time, leading to poor performance in remotes for TV.


Suppose your TV’s Bluetooth connection is not working properly. You can check for obstructions and use your remote from other locations.

Your remote will not need to transmit signals to an infrared receiver to communicate with your TV when it is connected via Bluetooth. To prevent future problems, switch to Bluetooth once your remote has worked.

Dirty Infrared Receptor

An object doesn’t have to block the infrared receptor on your TV. You can also block the receptor with dust and other debris.

Use a soft cloth to clean the infrared sensor on your TV, and then try again. You can also clean the remote if you still have problems.


Many electronic components and devices can interfere with the signal of your remote.

Before you use your remote again, turn off any fluorescent and LED lights near your TV. If that solves the problem, you can turn each device back on individually to determine which device is interfering.

These fixes may not solve your remote problem. You might need to reset the remote or power cycle of your TV. Resetting your remote can clear out any data that is causing connectivity problems.

How to reset your Sony TV remote

Resetting the remote to factory default may work best if you have issues with your Sony remote. Sony remotes are not the only TV remotes that can lock up. Preventing your remote from responding to your commands. Most remotes will work again after a reset.

Turn off your TV to reset the remote. Next, remove the batteries from your remote. Once the batteries are removed, hold down the button twice more. After doing this, you can change the batteries and turn on your TV.

If your TV doesn’t respond to any of your commands, make sure you have unpair and re-pair the remote. If the problem persists, power cycle the TV or unpair the remote and re-pair it.

How to power cycle a Sony TV

You can still perform a power cycle even if your Sony TV is not responding. Unlike a factory reset, a power cycle will not erase any information stored on your TV.

Power cycle your TV by turning off the power and unplugging it from the electrical outlet. After allowing the TV to cool down, plug it back in.

The TV might automatically turn on, but it is possible not to. Press the power button or use your remote to turn it on if it does.

How to Remove a Sony Remote from Your TV

To unpair your TV’s remote, turn off the TV and disconnect from the power source. After the TV has been unplugged, at least for a minute, you can press and hold both the volume down and microphone buttons simultaneously.

These buttons should be pressed when the TV is fully powered off. The remote will not be able to find the TV and will go into infrared mode. You can turn your TV on again once it has entered infrared mode. Then, follow the instructions to fix your remote.


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