How to Find the Power Button on the Samsung TV

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The power button on Samsung TVs is always placed in a different place every year, and it seems like they change the button’s location every year.

There is no doubt that you often find yourself wondering where the power button is on your Samsung TV. You may be wondering where the power button is located on your Samsung TV.

Samsung TVs always seem to change or relocate the power button every year. This makes it hard for people like me, who do not use a smart remote and have to look around the TV while trying to press some random button that looks like it might turn the TV on.

 Hopefully, this guide will help you find the power button on the TV (or at least help you point your finger in the general direction) and hopefully have your Samsung TV turned on in fewer than 4 minutes.

Where is the Power Button on Samsung Tv?

Most Samsung TVs are equipped with a power button located in the center, either under or on top of the TV. If it is not there, please check the front right, the underside of the TV, the bezel on the left or right side, or the back of the TV on the right-hand side.

Samsung TVs are equipped with a manual power control button that can be found on the television itself if you know where to find it.

1. At the bottom, in the middle

On Samsung TVs, you will typically find the power button under the middle of the screen. The actual power button may be placed differently on your model depending on the series, but you’ll find it here no matter what the model is. You have to feel your way down until it comes to your fingertips.

Where is the Power Button on Samsung Tv

How to Find the Power Button on the Samsung TV

2. Right front, bottom

It is particularly awful how they placed the power button in such a strange place. Samsung TV is hiding and seeking, just like a game of hide-and-seek.

You can find the receiver under the front right of your Samsung TV by feeling along the underside. This is where your remote interacts with.

The power button is located just behind the receiver. It can be missed easily. You can turn the TV on and off by pressing the button near the receiver.

3. Front left or right edge (touch control)

There are touch control buttons on many Samsung TVs, up and down the volume, channel control, etc.

These touch control buttons can usually be found on the right side of the TV’s front bezel. Perhaps you will miss it, but if you look carefully, you will find it.

The TV should automatically turn on if you gently tap the power button label. Check the left bezel of your Samsung TV as well, since few older devices have this touch button.

If you want to interact with a TV, touch it, then wait a few seconds for it to respond, so be patient.

4. Right side of the back

The power button on your Samsung TV is most likely located on the device’s backside, so if you searched for it and couldn’t find it, maybe you should give it a try.

It is yet another example of the Samsung TV placing the power button in a tricky and inconvenient place. Take a look at the right side of the TV on the backside of the TV by moving the TV away from the wall.

A power button can be located on the right side of the TV. Perhaps you should grab a flashlight if you aren’t able to see it. Check the back left side for good measure if nothing is found on the back right side.

Models and years of Samsung TV manuals

The user manual for your exact model number and year may help you locate the power button on your Samsung TV if you are still having difficulties finding it. The model number of your TV can be found on the back of the unit if the TV has aback.

Samsung Support has a comprehensive online archive of all TV manuals sorted by year here, which you can access here.

Those instructions will probably have a diagram showing exactly what and where your TV’s buttons are.


On Samsung’s TVs, Samsung enjoys hiding the power button to the point that the position is almost always different from year to year. It doesn’t matter if it’s hard for you to find it. Keep trying until you do.

Every Samsung TV comes equipped with an on/off button that allows you to control the power. All you need to do is find it to turn it on or off.

If you are still unable to locate your TV’s power button, try finding your Samsung TV manual online, which might help. In the manual, you will find a list of all the buttons on your TV and their positions.


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