How to Fix a Vizio Tv That Won’t Turn on (First Try This Solution)

Vizio Tv

Most Vizio TVs, for some reason, eventually fail to turn on for no apparent reason. Numerous Vizio TV owners claim to have experienced this issue – some say they’ve had it for several years.

Vizio TVs that won’t turn on may be solved with an easy fix affecting about 80% of them.

Vizio TV won’t turn on

Vizio TVs won’t start unless they are reset. After unplugging the TV, wait a full 60 seconds before plugging it back in. Connect your Vizio TV again after the 60 seconds have ended. If everything goes according to plan, your TV should power on again.

1. Disconnect the Vizio TV from the wall

To turn your Vizio Television back on, you will have to unplug it from the wall socket. Waiting for the full 60 seconds is the key here. You should be patient and wait at least a minute before connecting again.

Soft resetting is achieved by taking this simple step. It’s not as simple as just turning on and off the remote. You should be able to see it power back up after you plug it in again.

This fix will work about 80% of the time, but the remaining 20% may prove challenging. The fixes listed below should resolve the issue if your Vizio TV doesn’t turn on.

2. Take the batteries out of the Vizio remote

Try taking out the batteries on your remote if you cannot fix the problem after unplugging and replunging your TV. Ensure the batteries in the remote are completely removed.

Remove the batteries from the remote and press the power button for 15 seconds while holding it down. Repeat this for 15 seconds a second time.

Reinstall the batteries in the remote after the 15 seconds have expired and try to turn the TV on again. This should make it work again.

After you try both steps above and you run into the same issue a few days or weeks later, you’ll want to try factory resetting your TV to solve the problem permanently.

3. Vizio TV factory reset

Select the Menu button once the TV is on (hopefully, you could temporarily power the TV by unplugging it or removing the remote batteries). Click the “System” button within the menu.

Choose “Reset & Admin” and “Reset TV to Factory Defaults.” When resetting a Vizio TV, a code is sometimes required. For most models, the code is 0000. This will essentially set your Vizio TV back to its original settings from when you bought it.

4. Vizio TV factory reset without remote

You can still factory reset your Vizio TV if you cannot access the remote control. This can be done by finding the power button on your TV.

It is located on the right-hand side, foot of the device, or at the bottom, depending on the model you have.

When the TV is turned off, hold down the source button and volume down button simultaneously. Press and hold the input button for a few seconds until the TV tells you to.

At least 10 seconds should be spent holding the input button. The TV will be turned off, restarted, and factory reset using this method. It may take a minute or so for this process to complete.

If you haven’t already, we’ve included additional steps to try before you abandon the effort. If you’ve already resolved your power issues, the remaining steps are unnecessary.

5. Reinstall power cord behind Vizio TV

Unplugging the power cord from the back of your TV may be another relatively easy fix for your power issue. Plug it back in after unplugging it for about 60 seconds.

Make sure you are snugly connecting it when you plug it back in. An optimal connection is crucial to ensure a stable power supply for your TV. Don’t let this be loose at all!

The TV can be turned on using the power button, not the remote control after the power cord has been plugged in again. Hopefully, you will be able to see the TV working again.

6. Choose the right input source

If the Vizio TV does not turn on due to an incompatible input source, it might result from its input source. You must choose the right input source for your TV to work properly.

So you should make sure you match the number of your HDMI port to your TV source, whether you’re using a streaming device, DVD player, or cable box. In this case, you would choose “HDMI 2”.

Input source selection can be done in two different ways:

Method 1: Use the remote control to enable input source
  1. Switch on the TV.
  2. On your remote control, click the Source button.
  3. Choose an input mode. 
Method 2: Changing input sources without remote control
  1. Start your TV.
  2. To access the MENU, press the side or bottom button on the TV.
  3. Navigate to the source option by pressing the volume button.
  4. Select the desired input source from the menu.

Important Note: You can select your preferred input source using the source button on some TVs, either on the back or side of the device.

7. Try another power outlet

We recommend trying plugging your Vizio TV into a new power outlet in your home if you are still having trouble. Many times, we have no idea that outlets have blown fuses or shorted circuits.

Another option is to plug another small appliance into the same outlet as your TV if you don’t want to carry your TV around.

When plugged into the outlet, the device will power on, indicating the outlet may be working. Despite not being the real cause of the error, this is worth investigating and should be quickly eliminated as a suspect.

8. Replacing the power supply

It may be worth removing the TV’s power supply to send it in for repair if nothing has worked so far and you are determined to keep your Vizio TV.

Be sure to check the standby light on your TV before doing this. The power supply board probably works so that this step can be omitted.

Your power board is most likely defective or dead when you don’t have power, and a standby light is not working. Power surges are often to blame for this.

The power supply on Vizio TVs can be faulty or weak. Fortunately, installing a new power supply costs about *65 ($65 if you want to do it yourself).

Obviously, removing the casing and power supply of the television would be a very time-consuming process since you would have to remove every screw from its back.

Furthermore, this is a little risky since you might not know if this is causing your power problems. Here’s what you should do if you still want to take that chance:

9. Review the warranty for Vizio TVs

If you can simply turn on your Vizio TV, you might want to check if you’re covered under the TV’s warranty.

You will be either able to have Vizio repair or replace your TV after you describe the issue to them and Vizio determines if it is covered under warranty.

If this is a covered service by your warranty, it is even possible to have them come to you. Why not give it a try?

So, what can you do if this ever happens to you? Well, we’ve researched for you and found the best solutions.

All of them are easy to follow and implement. Simply try something new, and your TV will be humming along in an instant.


It turns out the problem is pretty technical. In reality, the Vizio TV goes through a start-up routine, no different from when you restart a computer.

The problem arises when the Vizio TV experiences an emergency shut-off (a protection feature to keep from damaging the TV) during a part of that start-up sequence.

By letting your Vizio TV rest (turning it on about 30 minutes later) and then trying to turn it on manually, you’re essentially completing that start-up routine in its entirety which will correct the issue.

Try to find out if your TV’s warranty is still valid if none of these fixes work. Otherwise, you may have to buy a new TV.

If this solution doesn’t solve your problem, try the next. Give it a shot, and hopefully, you’ll be watching your favorite show or movie in no time. Please let us know if you can resolve your Vizio TV using another method.


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