How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Earbuds that Won’t Charge

Fix Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

If you’ve got a pair of Samsung Galaxy earbuds, you love them. By all accounts, they’re as great as any other pair. At least, most of the time. But one or both stops charging?

What do you do then? The answer is simple: get the current flowing again, and everything will be awesome. The fix isn’t always that easy, though.

You can replace the charging port in your Samsung Galaxy Buds with a few simple tools and some patience, although it’s certainly not a project for novices.

When Galaxy Buds do not charge, it is usually because you are using a non-Samsung case, you have not fully charged your case, the case is dirty, or the earbuds were not properly placed in the case. Depending on your wearable app, you may also need to reset your earbuds.

Unfortunately, many of these devices have become faulty over time, but keep reading to see how you can resolve this problem yourself.

How to Fix Samsung Non-Charging Earbuds

1. Use a Samsung Case

For their Samsung Galaxy earbuds, many people opt to purchase an off-brand charging case to save money. These people usually do so when their original case is lost or broken. Losing the case is the leading cause of charging problems for headphones.

The first solution to this problem can be to buy a case that will be compatible with your earbuds. To narrow down your options, first, try every method listed down below.

2. Ensure the case is fully charged         

Many people forget that it is also necessary to charge the case. Ultimately, even empty cases get drained over time and can’t stay running forever. To keep your power bank in good working condition, make sure it is charged regularly.

3. Make sure the charger is correctly placed in the buds

Despite how easy it is to put them in the charging case, it sometimes happens that they are lost inside. When they are not paired with the right pins in case, they won’t charge. So be sure the buds are completely inserted in the case.

There is a workaround for constantly blinking red headsets- even if you have just got them.

In this case, a defective bud is to blame. Before it can receive a charge, the case connection needs to be adjusted.

As a result, when you put these buds in the case, they turn green when they aren’t actually charging (although I think they are).

As you try to charge your bud, you want it to stay RED, not green (which would indicate that it is fully charged when it is not).

People often take their buds to a service center for this issue because it is irritating to keep repositioning them until the light turns red. We assure you that the service center will do it the way we described. So, why not give it a try?

Please allow it to charge in its case for 20 or 30 minutes once the light is consistently red. Hopefully, now they will work as expected.

4. Clean Up Your Case

The charging case can accumulate dust and other particles over time. If this occurs, the charging case will not work properly. Use a soft cloth to clean it. Ensure your earbuds connect well to the pins by cleaning them.

5. Restart your earbuds

The solution works well if one earbud doesn’t charge. It is easy to restart the Samsung Galaxy buds. Take them out for 10 seconds after putting them in the case. Close the lid and place them back in.

Your earbuds will automatically restart after you close the lid. Keeping the lid open during charging is recommended by some experts.

6. Drain the other earbud

This approach will work well if one earbud has a charge but the other doesn’t. Charging the earbuds at the same time may fix the problem.

Let the earbuds drain down before charging them. This holds especially if you charged them periodically before the battery had fully depleted.

7. Choose a wireless charger

Your charger’s cable could be damaged, so you may need to use a wireless charger. Insert the earbuds into the case to make this happen.

Plug the wireless charger into the AC adapter afterward. Test the wireless charger by placing the case in the center.

8. Reset Your Samsung Earbuds

The issue of not charging your phone can be fixed in a few ways. One method would be to reset your Samsung wearable application. Locate your wearable application first.

  1. Launch the app.
  2. Search for the earbud option.
  3. Choose the option to reset the earbud, then confirm that it was successful.

It’s best if you turn off your Bluetooth before you reset your earbuds so that they will not be connected to the device.

You will also have to pair your earbuds with your phone again after resetting your earbuds on the wearable app. Unlike when you restart them, they won’t reconnect automatically.

A manual reset is also an option for resetting your earbuds. Firstly, turn off the Bluetooth on the wearable and disconnect it by hitting the reset button in the app to start the process. Put the earphones back in the case after removing them.

For a total of seven seconds, hold your fingers over the earbud pads. You must do this simultaneously for both earbuds. Make sure you repeat this a couple of times.

Connect the earphones to your Galaxy wearable app by going back to your phone and enabling Bluetooth.

9. Install the Galaxy Wearable App again

If the problem continues, you can uninstall the app and reinstall it. Firstly, you need to remove your Samsung earbuds from the app, just like you did before.

Reinstall the app after uninstalling it. Your charging issues may be resolved once you pair your earbuds again.

10. Use PowerShare on Samsung S10 and above

Samsung’s latest phones come with a PowerShare option. Your Galaxy Buds can be charged via your phone. There is no need for a cord!

The Notification Panel allows you to enable PowerShare. The Samsung phone will charge the earbud case once the buds are in their case.

11. Visit the Samsung Care

If none of these solutions work, Samsung Care can answer your questions or send you a replacement earbud.

To receive a replacement, make sure that the manufacturer’s warranty covers the earbuds for replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why won’t my wireless earbuds charge?

When you first get the wireless earbuds, you want to make sure you know how to charge them. Usually, a USB cable or USB port is the cause of a problem.

A faulty cable could be inserted incorrectly, or the cable could be faulty. Both on the charger and at the source of power, make sure the cable is inserted completely. If that doesn’t work, you can try another cable. The power source might also be an issue.

How long should I charge my earbuds?

Samsung earbuds require an uninterrupted charge of at least four hours. When people use their earbuds, they can interrupt the charge, resulting in charging issues.

Those giving you problems can be restarted after charging by restarting both earbuds and their smart device.

It is best to turn off your phone for at least 30 seconds before reactivating it. After pairing your buds with your device again, turn it back on.

Final Thoughts

With a little extra knowledge about your Galaxy Buds, you should be able to answer the question of “Galaxy Buds not charging?” and get them working like new again.

Ensure that you have the important accessories, remove any obstacles from around your earbuds, and try setting them back up to default to ensure they are in the correct model mode.

Also, try charging your earbuds with the USB-C adapter instead of the case provided with your earbuds.


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