How To Get Crunchyroll On A Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung Smart TV

There are many ways to get Crunchyroll on a Samsung Smart TV. What works for one person won’t work for another.

That makes sense because we all have different needs and wants. If you don’t need subtitles for what you want to watch, then a method that requires the Japanese language pack installed will not work for you.

Crunchyroll is a streaming service that provides subscribers with Anime, drama, and Asian entertainment.

They have different access levels, so everyone can choose what they need to watch. Crunchyroll customers can stream movies and TV shows using the service on many devices, including Roku, Apple TV, Xbox One, and more.

Samsung smart TVs are a popular binge-watching choice, which is why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to get Crunchyroll onto your Samsung smart TV.

Let’s go over the top 5 methods to help you get Crunchyroll on your smart TV today.

1. Use The Crunchyroll App

For the best experience of watching Anime on your Samsung Smart TV, you will need to download and install the Crunchyroll App from their Website.

Once you have done this, it is relatively easy to access Crunchyroll from your Samsung Smart TV. All required is to select the Crunchyroll App from your list of installed applications and login with your Crunchyroll Account credentials.

The streaming app is free and can be downloaded in your general settings. Watching advertisements on this app will give you access to most shows. You can also purchase a subscription if you wish to view without ads.

The application can be downloaded in a few minutes. By using your username and password, you don’t have to sign in if you already have a paid subscription through your phone.

Your Samsung device can be connected to that account by logging into your phone and entering the code provided.

2. Download Plex App

You can download the PLEX app if your phone does not have the Crunchyroll app or prefer it over Crunchyroll. It can be downloaded to your television. Add the Crunchyroll Channel after the app has been downloaded.

With this application, you can access Crunchyroll anime with advertisements. It is a free application. A monthly subscription will cost you a small amount if you want to watch without ads.

3. Utilize Screen Share

A cell phone is now a minicomputer in your pocket due to all of today’s technology. Your phone can be used for screen sharing.

Your phone usually has that feature. With the iPhone, you will find that Bluetooth connectivity can be found under shortcuts.

It is easy and fast to use screen share. Utilizing this method has the disadvantage that you cannot use your phone.

Facebook and text messages may be accessible, but the video will not appear on your phone or TV if you watch it on your phone. Some people simply can’t scroll on their phones without being visible to everyone.

4. Cast via Crunchyroll App

Casting video from your phone to your TV is a standard feature on most streaming services. You can use your phone while the app is streaming to the TV, just like Screen Share, but you don’t have to share your screen throughout. The app will stream while your phone is in use.

5. Watch With TV Attachment

The Crunchyroll website can be viewed on a TV attachment or console, but only if it has internet connectivity. Voicing some of the TV attachments that are compatible with Crunchyroll are:

  • Blu-Ray or DVD player
  • HDMI phone attachment
  • Firestick or similar device
  • Gaming console

Blu-Ray Or DVD Player

Several DVD players and Blu-ray players have internet connections today. These devices can stream content from websites like Crunchyroll.

Those applications may not be available on all devices or may only be available in limited quantities. If you don’t have Netflix, you can add Crunchyroll as a channel in other streaming applications. Some of them include:

  • Plex
  • Roku
  • Hulu

HDMI Phone Attachment

You can always connect your phone to an HDMI attachment if you cannot screen share or cast. They can be very convenient if you do not have the internet at home, but your phone has internet access.

You must plug these attachments into an electrical outlet for them to work. In the absence of electric power, they will not work. However, they will charge your phone when it’s plugged in.

The cost of these attachments, which are usually less than $20, is the same for all types of mobile phones.

Firestick Or Similar Device

Streaming anime is also possible via Firesticks or other devices. Most streaming services are available on these devices.

Some people prefer this method when the TV needs to be reset or something serious happens. By doing this, you will not be required to download your applications or log into them again.

Crunchyroll can be streamed using the following devices:

  • Firestick
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Chromecast

Gaming Console

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are available on gaming consoles like PlayStations and Xboxes that connect to the internet.

If you can find this application on the gaming console, you shouldn’t have a problem downloading it. Crunchyroll is among the available apps that you can download.

Streaming Crunchyroll is available on the following gaming consoles:

  • Xbox 360
  • Wii U
  • Playstation Vita
  • Playstation 3
  • Playstation 4
  • Playstation 5

With Crunchyroll, you have a wide selection of anime shows and movies to choose from. Select the one that is most convenient for you.

The Samsung Smart TV can be viewed from just about any TV, not just when connected to your cell phone.


With Crunchyroll being such a popular anime streaming site, it is no surprise that searches for how to get Crunchyroll on Samsung Smart TV are popular. The reality is that Crunchyroll does not have its own app for smart TVs.

However, Crunchyroll has worked with Mozilla to create an app that can be used on many different smart TVs using a browser.

This means that if your TV supports a browser, you should be able to stream Crunchyroll right away.


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