Is Insignia a Reputable Brand? (Benefits & Drawbacks Before Purchasing)


You have probably seen them before – 4K TVs at shockingly low prices with a mysterious brand called Insignia.

A 55-inch TV with 4K resolution, an integrated Fire TV, and a 4K resolution seems impossible to be available for under $400 – which leads many to question whether or not Insignia is a reputable brand.

In sum, Insignia televisions are an excellent brand. You will not be blown away by them as much as a new Sharp Aquos, but they are considerably better than you may have expected.

Insignia may be the best option for a quality TV at a fantastic price. Throughout today’s article, you will learn all about the Insignia brand and discover exactly how they’ve been able to sell quality TVs at a budget-friendly price.

Insignia TVs: Who Makes Them?

Best Buy sold printers, TVs, tablets, and other small products under the Insignia label when TVs still looked like big plastic cubes, which sold TVs, tablets, cables, and other small products before Amazon took over.

Best Buy owns and sells the headphones, but the manufacturing is outsourced to China. As small as 32 inches and as large as 70 inches, Insignia provides a wide range of television models.

Most models have been upgraded to 4K, although some are still in 720p.

Furthermore, most Insignia TVs include either Amazon Fire TV or Roku TV, making them smart TVs.

First and foremost, a smart budget brand

What is the cost of an Insignia TV?

Overall, less expensive than premium brands such as Sony, Sharp, and Samsung. One example is a 55-inch smart TV from Insignia that offers 4K resolution and HDR for less than $400, while a television with the same specifications from Samsung costs more than twice as much.

With an Insignia TV, you’ll always receive a good deal compared to other brands. Insignia is a great place to shop on a budget!

Insignia Smart TVs: Not Just About Low Prices

Insignia is near the bottom in price but does not always qualify as a TV manufacturer. Contrary to popular belief, they are often right up there with industry leaders – they even have exclusive agreements with Amazon.

As one of the first companies to leverage Smart TV technology a decade ago, Insignia is still a leader in technology integration today. Insignia was one of the first brands to introduce 4K Roku and Fire TV products. In 2018 they were the only brand that sold Fire TV sets with an official partnership with Amazon.

There is a misconception that Insignia TVs are intended for people with tight budgets.

Be careful not to assume these TVs are only cheap because they offer low prices – they often have a lot to offer.

Does Insignia make any other products?

Though television is Insignia’s most important product, they have other involvements in the world of technology. An overview of all the products sold under the Insignia label is given below:

  • Laptops, desktops, and different computing gadgets
  • A home theatre and surround sound system
  • A projector
  • A tablet
  • Equipment used in gaming (controllers, keyboards, etc.)
  • Batteries, chargers, cables, and other accessories

Why are Insignia TVs so cheap? – Very Common Question

Understanding why Insignia’s stuff is so cheap compared to other brands is the key to understanding whether they are a good brand.

Are prices higher because they are worse, or are they more expensive because other brands have a better reputation?

With Insignia TVs, we are assured that screen size, resolution, and smart features are similar to other brands. Therefore, how are they able to offer such low prices?

You may be surprised to know that your price for a TV does not always determine its quality. Buying a TV for $800+ can mean getting a great product, or it can mean you just got a brand name for your money.

What makes Insignia TVs so cheap? Here is the complete answer. A lot depends on where the Insignia TV parts come from and when.

Let’s look at these factors:

Insignia TVs: Where do they come from?

Insignia TVs are made in China, Taiwan, and Japan. Many factories assembled the components in China and shipped them to the U.S.

However, unlike other major brands, Best Buy does not own factories or design televisions. Best Buy outsources manufacturing to several different companies.

When you open an Insignia TV, you’ll find parts from Samsung, LG, and other companies. They’re made in the same factories as the major brands. TVs are often made from reclaimed materials and components from previous models.

Therefore, Samsung TVs from the 2020 model year will be used to construct the 2021 model Insignias, which will take advantage of unused/surplus screens and processors.

The components are also very good, making them cheap and easy to produce.

You don’t get a bad phone, just a great deal on a slightly older model, just like getting last year’s iPhone a month after the newest one comes out.

A Samsung top-of-the-line TV is much more powerful than an Insignia TV so you won’t get a bad TV, but you’ll get a slightly older one.

Insignia TV benefits and drawbacks


  • Saving money is the primary reason to buy an Insignia If you have less than $500 in your budget, get an Insignia!
  • However, they’re still of high quality. As stated previously, just because these TVs are economical does not mean they’re “cheap.” Even though the internal components are not as new, you’re still getting a great TV.
  • Fire TV – Enabled, so if you have Amazon Echo devices throughout your home, it stands to reason that Fire TV is connected the same way. Plus, an Insignia TV comes with a Fire TV device, so you don’t have to buy it separately!


  • There is a chance that the screens, processors, and other components on these TVs are outdated compared to what you’d find on Samsung, Toshiba, or Sony. Perhaps Insignia is not the best option if you desire the “latest and greatest.”
  • Even though it is not an Insignia-specific issue, it is nonetheless important to note. It’s not going to be great audio, so if you want better audio, be prepared to buy a soundbar!

What are the best Insignia TVs today?

Only one Best Insignia TV – the Insignia NS-43DF710NA21 Smart 4K UHD – Fire TV. This TV features 4K Ultra HD picture quality with more than 8 million pixels to deliver stunning clarity, contrast, and vibrant colours despite its affordable price.

Additionally, Fire TV comes pre-installed with Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, Disney+, and many other popular streaming apps.

Consider other alternatives to Insignia: Budget TV brands


Known primarily for its Roku-enabled Smart TVs, this brand is most recognizable as Smart TVs with Roku.

Based on price, picture quality, and overall value, most consumers would consider these TVs virtually identical to Insignia.

What would make someone purchase an Insignia TV rather than a TCL TV?

For those who prefer Amazon Fire TV’s interface, Insignia is the right choice. If you prefer Roku, get a TCL. Each brand offers very similar products at very similar prices.

Westinghouse TV

Get a Westinghouse TV if you care only about money.

Westinghouse products are almost always the cheapest in their class, but that is not necessarily good.

Although Westinghouse products appear, feel, and sound low-cost, you should consider them if savings are your primary concern.

Bottom Line: Is Insignia TV Worth the Money?

It is highly recommended that if you can afford a high-quality, expensive TV, you should purchase something better than Insignia without looking back.

On the other hand, consider the Insignia brand if you do not mind having last year’s technology in your new television and you want to save a few hundred dollars.

It should be noted that television technology only advances vary slightly from year to year; technological leaps are typically slower.

Despite its good reputation, Insignia is not the best brand. The company, along with TCL, is one of the best choices for affordable TVs. If you can spend $2,000 on a Samsung, you will not be disappointed.

It all depends on how much money you’re willing to spend. If you have a budget of $500, consider Insignia. You can choose something top-of-the-line if you have more money to spend.


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