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Whether you are shopping on Flipkart or another online platform, you will most likely receive notifications when your products have been confirmed, dispatched and shipped.

So, what does it mean when the order has been dispatched?

Having an order dispatched means it has been prepared for shipment. This means that the shipment is complete with all the information related to its packaging, including the label, invoice, and other documents.

So far, the package has been prepared for shipment, but it has not yet been shipped to the destination. You can learn more about order dispatch and other notifications that you may receive whenever an order is being dispatched online by reading on.

This article describes the differences in meaning among the various types of shipment notifications. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

“Order Dispatched” – What Does It Mean?

You have to go through multiple steps before the item reaches your doorstep when you buy it online. In manufacturing, it is common to go through the following steps during production: confirmation, assembly, dispatching, shipping, and delivery.

Your purchase may be accompanied by a notification every time a step in the purchase process has been reached.

It is simply an expression that describes the process of your product being handed off to the company that will deliver it to you, regardless of whether it has yet been shipped.

An important part of the dispatch phase is creating a packaging label, completing the invoices, and arranging the shipping documents. In other words, your package is ready to be shipped, but it has not yet been delivered to you.

Is There A Difference Between “Dispatched” And “Shipped?”.”

Earlier, we pointed out that it is important to highlight that if you purchased an order dispatch notification, it’s important to emphasize that this is an example of what it means that your order was sent out to you.

That sounds good, but what does that mean?

Even though this may seem confusing, this is a rather simple process. Dispatching is the process of preparing a product for shipping. This includes packaging, labeling, and arranging all shipping documents, including the invoice.

The dispatch process results in the outside shipping label you see on the package.  It is important to keep in mind that if you receive a notification reading “OrderDispatched,” all the labels and materials have been printed, but the product has not yet been shipped.

Often people mistake a package that has been dispatched for a package that has been shipped.

The fact that you have received notification that the product has shipped means that it has gone through the dispatch process and is now on its way to you.

Shipping notifications are generally understood because they are relatively straightforward. Here is an example that will help you better understand the differences between these terms.

Take ordering a product from California but living in Tennessee. The package’s packaging documents, such as the shipping label, invoice, etc., have been attached to the package when you receive a dispatch notification.

Following the package’s departure from the packaging facility, it will be shipped and on its way to you.

How are “Dispatched” and “Out for Delivery” different?

It is simple to say that dispatch is another way to refer to the act of sending the products, making common ground with the terms “Out for Delivery.”

Since they specify that the products have been delivered and are synonymous, there is no confusion between dispatch and out for delivery.”

Nonetheless, if by using the term “Dispatched,” they encourage “Shipped,” then it makes sense that people are confused about the difference is most of the words “Dispatched” and “Out for Delivery.”

To ship the package, it is necessary to clarify that the “Dispatched” status indicates that the packaging information has been completed so the shipment can be sent off.

It does not matter if the item is being delivered to you or not. The fact that it’s “out for delivery” signifies that it has already been shipped and it’s currently being delivered to you by your local delivery person or mail carrier.

Shipping vs. out for delivery

The terms “Shipped” and “Out for Delivery” may also be very similar. However, the concepts are quite distinct, mainly because they refer to different devices and procedures.

Shipment is considered a versatile term, but basically, it means that the package has been shipped to you and is on its way, but it has not yet been delivered at the issuer’s facility, so it cannot be picked up by you right away.

When the box states Delivered, it does not imply that the package has reached your local service provider.

Still, in reality, it implies that the package has already reached the provider and is waiting for delivery on the same day.

This is because it is something you ought to be glad about when you see an email notification stating, “Out for delivery.” The package should be there with the resource of the usage of the cease of the day.

It might not be true if you received a communication stating that your order has been dispatched. You’d likely have to wait a little longer, considering that your shipment is still not yet technically sent.

If you receive an “Out For Delivery” notification, delivery can occasionally be delayed until the following day.

In most cases, this will happen only if there are problems with the mail service in your area, such as during the holiday season.

Once an order is dispatched, how long is it expected to take to arrive?

There is no way to determine how long it will take for your order to arrive since the actual time will depend on some factors, including the product, the product’s location, your location, and the transportation company’s business.

A package from your own country can usually arrive within one to five business days if everything goes smoothly. It will most likely take longer if it is the holiday season as more people will be shipping products during this period.

The product may take over five business days to arrive if shipped from another country or overseas.

The shipping process may take ten business days, especially if the package comes from a country where counterfeits or illegal goods are frequently shipped.

Final Thoughts

It refers to creating the shipping label, inserting the invoice, completing the shipping documents, and generally getting the package ready for dispatch.

The product is not quite on its way to you until the invoice and shipping documents are completed.

The package can reach your home after as little as one day to ten days. To recognize the significance of spotting the distinction between “Order Dispatched” and “Order Shipped,” it’s crucial to understand how those phrases are different.

As soon as you understand those phrases, you may recognize different crucial phrases, including “Out For Delivery.”

Now that you know what all three of these terms mean, you can better understand your packaging information.


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