What Is the Data Usage of Waze?


Depending on how much time you spend using Waze, you may not realize what a large amount of data it is using in your daily routine.

You become so engrossed in its use that you forget to check the data. Suddenly, you discover that you have no MBs left. You need to know how much data Waze uses before using it.

Waze consumes 0.5MB of internet data per day or 15MB per month for driving one hour a day.

There is a possibility that this figure may differ depending on factors including trip distance, run time, etc. This application stands out from similar applications because of its unique features.

It is gaining popularity is a lot more complex than you might think. Keep reading for a more detailed overview of this app.

Are you concerned with your data use on Waze? Are you wondering how much data Waze uses? The chances are that there is nothing wrong with your app but that you don’t really know just how much it’s using.

This post will give you a thorough look at just how much data Waze is using, what kind of data it’s using, and what actions you can take to help keep your app under control.

Is Waze available without data?

When the Waze app asks you to allow it to use data, many of us blindly tap on “allow.” But it is important to know if your Waze navigation would work even if you don’t have any data connection.

To navigate routes accurately, Waze requires a mobile internet connection overall. The app provides current traffic information, maps, and other information using a few MBs.

Therefore, it is very important to remember that you cannot navigate or locate any route without connecting to the internet.

What can I do to make Waze use low data?

The world is getting crazier every day, and people can’t work without the internet. There are a lot of those who want to stay online all the time, even when they are commuting, working out, walking in the park, or just hanging out with friends.

But there is a problem: it’s not always possible to stay online at all times, despite the high demand.

Like other navigation apps, Waze does not consume a lot of data. It provides two methods for saving internet MBs.

  • Stopping the app from working in the background by properly closing it.
  • When not in use, turn off navigation.

You can stop Waze by clicking on the “Stop button” in the small menu if you ever experience difficulties doing so. If you would like more information on turning off Waze, please visit this page.

What is the cost of Waze?

Waze is a free navigation app. The app is currently installed on more than 100 million iPhones and Android phones for free.

cost of Waze

To assist people in avoiding traffic and discovering the best routes to their destinations, Waze uses community-based services.

What’s the reason for Waze’s high data usage?

Data usage by Waze may be higher than usual since it collects data from users of the app to help others navigate to their destinations efficiently and with minimal hassle. When users start driving, data is automatically transferred.

In addition, it also consumes additional MBs when it reports accidents, speed traps, or traffic jams.

Does Waze use cell phone data or Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi and cellular data work together in Waze. However, its main purpose is to enable drivers to travel safely and quickly. To get the most out of it, they usually turn on mobile data on their smartphones.

Consequently, you’ll also enjoy using mobile data since another option might not be available while on the move. If you invest in a Voice-Controlled Navigator, your driving experience will greatly improve.

What is the Waze app’s data usage?

Within the Waze app, you can select different options to help you save data.

These options range from disabling the map so that you can only communicate with other drivers to directing Waze not to use cellular data. Here is what each option means and its impact on your data usage.

The use of MBs on Waze, however, is not a concern. If you compare it to other famous navigation apps, you might be surprised at how little data it uses.

Waze Data VS Other Apps

Here’s the data usage of Waze versus other apps:

Application name Uses Data 1GB Lasts
Waze 0.5MB/hour 1500 hours
Google Maps 2MB/hour 450 hours
Apple Maps 5MB 175 hours

The number of hours spent using Waze directly affects the data consumption of the application.

Some people drive for hours, and others, it’s just a few minutes. Because of this, the data consumed by people who spend more time on the road will be higher.

In both of these cases, let’s examine what exactly is going on:

  • Even if you only use Waze for one hour a day, you will spend only 5 MB of data each month, which comes to 15 MB if you use it seven days a week.
  • Waze requires approximately 75 MB of data if you use it 5 hours a day for the entire month.

If a person uses the car Wi-Fi at traveling, then it is clear that their mobile data plan will consume relatively little data. There might be a reason why users switch to mobile data to avoid being interrupted unexpectedly.

Some people use or in the monthly billing cycle. The average person drives up to four hours, about 2MB per day. Accordingly, users seem to be consuming data according to the period and distance traveled.


You likely understood that the Waze app wouldn’t consume so much data. With this navigation app, people can get the latest traffic and accident updates on their journey and other obstacles in their way.

The Waze app allows you to use other people’s reports to help you with your daily commute. Personalized alerts let users set custom routes and integrate social media. Take advantage of it right now so you can travel more comfortably than ever before!


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