What Is the Reason My iPad Alarm is so Quiet?

iPad Alarm

Have you ever woken up to your iPad alarm only to realize how quiet it actually is? On the other hand, it can be hard to hear a quiet alarm on your iPhone or iPad if you have trouble hearing.

Perhaps the lackluster sound is caused by issues with the volume, or maybe Apple’s iOS makes it easy for some people to miss an alarm.

Due to the volume settings in your alarm app, your iPad alarm is probably too quiet. The default volume setting may be too quiet for you if you are used to a louder setting. As an alternative, you can clean your iPad’s speakers if they’re dirty or clogged by dust.

Let’s take a closer look at a few common solutions and a few uncommon solutions that may result in a quiet iPad alarm. Find out how to stop missing your iPad alarm ever again with these quick fixes.

How to change the low volume settings?

If you put your earbuds in and start listening to music, do you find that the volume nearly ruptures your eardrums?

Many software developers set the default volume to midlevel because this scenario isn’t uncommon. This setting can be changed in a few easy steps if you find that it is too low for your iPad alarm.

Navigate to “Sounds & Haptics” in your iPad’s settings. Move the slider in the “Ringer and Alerts” section to the volume you want. Be sure the volume isn’t too low by setting your alarm for the next minute or so.

iPad Alarm volume settings

iPad Alarm Ringer and Alerts

How to clean your iPad speaker?

There is a possibility that you will need to troubleshoot a little bit more to increase your iPad alarm volume if the volume is already at its peak when you go into your iPad settings. To ensure that nothing is blocking the speaker, we recommend wiping it down.

Apple’s iPads usually have speakers on the bottom. If you notice debris in the speaker, shine the light on the bottom of the iPad.

Cleaning it won’t harm even if nothing obvious is visible. You can use Q-Tips or tissues to clean electronic devices or buy wipes made specifically for this purpose.

Performing this task more frequently and thoroughly will result in better long-term performance for your speaker.

What if the iPhone alarm goes from loud to quiet?

The iPad alarm may start loud and then lower its volume if “Attention Aware Features” has been enabled.

With this feature, your alarm is lowered, your iPad brightness is reduced, and other notifications are turned down when inactivity is detected.

In the settings menu, go to Accessibility -> Face ID & Attention -> turn off Attention Aware Features to disable this feature. The volume of your iPad’s alarm increases then slowly decreases.

Does Your Alarm Only Vibrate Your iPad?

There’s a difference between living in silence and not making any noise at all. While vibrating helps you stay awake, it may not be sufficient to wake you up if you miss important notifications such as emails and texts.

You should check that your iPad alarm is not set to “None” if it is only vibrating and not making much sound.

Simply select the alarm tab in the Clock app and select “Edit.” Choose the sound that suits you by tapping the alarm and then the “Sound” button. Make sure it works properly before leaving for work the next day so you won’t be late!

How to Change the Default Alarm Tone on My iPad?

There is no problem if you do not like the default iPad alarm. You can choose from various sounds each day to wake up to whatever you like.

Go to the alarm section and tap “Edit” to change the alarm from the default setting in the clock app. Tap “Sound” when selecting or setting a new alarm.

You can choose among several tones. By clicking on the titles of the tones, you can hear them. When you select an alarm, be sure to turn up your volume so you can hear it as it will sound if you select it.

How Do I Make My iPad Alarm a Song?

You can set your alarm to play a great tune each morning. To change the alarm tone on the iPad, follow the same procedure described above.

To choose a song, tap the “sound” option if it appears. Then, you can search your iTunes library for the music you want. Wake up to your favorite song to start the day off right.

How do I set a different volume for each alarm?

Do you fear that if the second alarm is too quiet, you’ll sleep? That’s not uncommon. There is nothing unusual about “hit snooze” one hour later and getting up an hour later.

It is not possible to make one alarm louder than another. While some tones feel louder than others, we recommend using different tones.

The classic “Alarm” is harder than “Ripples.” Use a less subtle tone when you’re a heavy sleeper to ensure you don’t doze off.

If the volume is still too quiet for you, you may experiment with the vibrations. As with alarm tones, you can select from various vibrations. Even if the alarm isn’t loud, these vibrations may make it more effective.

My alarm will go off in my ears if I wear earbuds?

Absolutely! Wearing headphones will set off the alarm. Leaving your iPad alarm at its maximum setting will cause the alarm to go off directly into your ears, so be careful while wearing headphones or earphones.

Whether your iPad is in silent mode or not, your alarm will still sound. You should turn your iPad off fully or simply disable the alarms if you’re in a theater or presentation of some sort.

Final Words

Hopefully, these suggestions help you establish a set of quiet iPad alarms that get you up on time and ready to seize the day.

Of equal importance, a consistent schedule will train your brain to be ready for the morning, whether you like it or not.

And you’ll never again have to rush to turn off a blaring alarm in the morning when all you wanted was an extra 5 minutes…of sleep.


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